Andy Cloutier, Darryl Harand (winner), Dan Kalyn, Darren Boudreau and Richard Louern.

Photo finish in blind fishing derby

Kelowna Yacht Club takes out visually impaired community at annual fishing derby on Okanagan Lake

Only a half-inch separated the first and second largest fish pulled out of the Okanagan Lake on Saturday at the annual Blind Fishing Derby, hosted by the Kelowna Yacht Club.

When Kathy Sannes arrived back to the dock, guests at the event were excited to see her 18-and-a-half-inch rainbow trout, the biggest fish the avid angler has caught in her career.

“I want to thank all the people from Kelowna Yacht Club who put on this event and members who owned the boat and took us out,” said Sannes, also the president of the BC provincial book club for the Canadian Council of the Blind.

Shortly after, another rainbow trout arrived for measurement. This one was caught by Darryl Harand and came in at 19 inches, and with a photo finish, Harand won the 2017 Blind Fishing Derby.

“Our skipper was very helpful and we enjoyed spending the day on the back deck with the guys and our fishing rods,” said Harand.

The annual event brings together the local blind and visually impaired community along with the Kelowna Yacht Club’s boating community.

“We ask Kelowna Yacht Club members to volunteer their time and their boats and members say this experience along with spending one-on-one time with the guests on the water is worth more than they give,” said organizer Larry Lever.

“Kelowna Yacht Club and its members are proud to be active supporters of our community. All volunteering members are donating their boats, their time and their fuel to provide this unique experience to our fellow citizens who seldom experience the pleasure of boating,” the yacht club stated.

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Kathy Sannes, President of the BC Provincial Book Club for the Canadian Council of the Blind earned second place with an 18 ½ inch rainbow trout.

Rainbow Trout caught during the event on Okanagan Lake. ½ inch difference between 1st and 2nd place this year!