Preschool teacher Bev Majewski and Tibor Jezik, five, play with toys at the Rutland Parent Participation Preschool. - Image Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Preschool a learning experience for kids and parents

The Rutland Parent Participation Preschool is the only parent-participation preschool in Kelowna

Preschool teacher Bev Majewski has been teaching using a parent-participation method in her classes for 34 years.

“We’ve gone through ups and downs and fun but it’s the kids that keep me young and why I keep doing it,” she said.

Majewski originally wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but turned to early childhood education because she liked to look after younger children.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids and in high school, I took courses that allowed me to interact with children.”

Students and parents learn valuable lessons at the Rutland Parent Participation Preschool, located at Quigley Elementary.

The last of its kind in Kelowna, the preschool allows parents to get a hands-on experience by volunteering their time with the students.

A typical day in the preschool starts with singing songs and allowing the children to “get their wiggles out,” said Majewski, before moving into playtime which focuses on developmental components and preparation for kindergarten. Snack time and playing outside are also included in the mix.

Parents get involved a few times a month, getting a chance to supervise and interact with the kids through group activities.

Majewski said young parents have learned new techniques from other parents.

“It’s a real social situation. It’s great for parents who are new to Kelowna because it’s a great way to meet other parents that typically live in the are,” said Majewski. But, parents have also come from all over the Central Okanagan.

Jocelyn Anderson had two children who have been through the preschool and one child who is currently involved.

“We still associate with people we knew, there’s still people who I’ve met when the school was at Black Mountain too, so we know a lot of people in that community,” she said.

Class size is about 17 students with three parents in addition to a teacher.

“I was just drawn with parents being involved. Studies have shown with people involved with their children’s education, children do better in school,” said Majewski.

“You get to see who your children’s friends are in a (different) environment. You get to see (your kids) grow.”

Another parent agreed.

Kids are different from when they’re at home than with their peers… you get to see some of that stuff,” said parent Sonya Jezik.

For more information on the preschool call 250-491-9699 or visit the preschool’s website.

The preschool is for three and four-year-olds.


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