RDCO reminds pet owners to license their dogs

Regional District of Central Okanagan pushes campaign for dogs to be licensed by the end of February.

More than 12,000 dog licence renewal notices have been mailed to dog owners throughout the Central Okanagan.

And this year,  the Regional District of Central Okanagan is encouraging dog owners that haven’t yet purchased a licence to do so, joining those responsible dog owners who have and are renewing their licence for 2013 before the end of February.

The tag for a dog that has been spayed or neutered costs $20 while a dog licence for those that have not costs $60.  Starting March 1st a $20 dollar late fee is applied to renewals.

“2013 dog licences can be renewed or purchased at 30 locations from Peachland to Lake Country,” said Bruce Smith, spokesperson for the regional district. ” And those dog owners that have a Permanent Licence tag on their pet’s collar can easily renew and pay online at regionaldistrict.com/vdo.  They just click on the Permanent Dog Licence option and will need the account number and access code shown on their renewal notice along with their Mastercard or Visa number.  Permanent licence tags are available for sale at the Regional District office (1450 KLO Road), at the Dog Pound (860 Weddell Place) and this year they are also available at the District of Lake Country office (10150 Bottom Wood Lake Road).

“Owners of small breed dogs may wish to purchase a new tag that’s both lighter and smaller.  These smaller size tags are available in limited quantities at either the Regional District office on KLO Road or at the Regional Dog Pound.”

“Renewing the dog licence is not only the responsible thing to do, but a licence is required under the Regional District dog bylaw No. 366,  added Smith.

“Having an up to date dog licence on your pet’s collar makes it easier for our Dog Pound staff to reunite a stray dog with their owner.  We can often do it by phone, without having the owner travel to the pound.”

Dogs not licensed and impounded are subject to an additional $100 fee, on top of the regular impound and licensing fees.

“We also remind dog owners that if their pet unfortunately gets away, they should contact the Regional Dog Pound as quickly as possible.  Our bylaw only requires us to hold a dog at the pound for up to 72 hours.”

Dog licences may be purchased in person at any local government office, the North Westside Fire Hall and dozens of licensing agents, pet stores and veterinary clinics throughout the Central Okanagan.

Locations are printed on the licence renewal notice but are also available in the Dog section of the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/dogs.  That’s where you’ll find other information about the Regional Dog service and what to do if you lose or find a dog.


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