Science World program spreads across B.C.

Through the Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SIS) program, students will have an opportunity to learn from real-world scientists.

Science class at school is about to get an upgrade. Through the Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SIS) program administered by Science World, students will have an opportunity to learn from real-world scientists and benefit from their first-hand knowledge of science and technology. These scientists will interact with the students and share their advanced knowledge of their field at no cost to the school.

Jennifer Kirkey, who has a background in physics, will visit Springvalley Elementary on June 2.

“Schools from all over the province are benefitting greatly from our SIS program,” says Friderike Moon, Science Worldprogram specialist. “We hear back from teachers all the time about how much more engaged with science their students get when they actually get to hear from someone who does scientific work every day. It inspires us to really want this program to grow.”

“The SIS program is definitely an unsung hero when it comes to science education in B.C.,” says Bryan Tisdall, president and CEO of Science World. “It encapsulates everything Science World’s mission is all about: Making science fun and accessible, and working with members of our community to inspire the science and technology leaders of tomorrow.”

The SIS program invites scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians to volunteer their time and share their expertise with science classes around the province on topics such as health, biotechnology, computing and the environment. Available to grades K–12, SIS visits are free of charge.

Since its inception in 1989, more than one million students have benefited from the SIS program. Using hands-on activities and career-related information, its volunteers act as enthusiastic and knowledgeable role models who cooperate with teachers to present an entirely new approach to the discovery of science in the classroom.


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