Zoe Pauling delivers newspapers. (Jen Zielinski/ Black Press Media)

Zoe Pauling delivers newspapers. (Jen Zielinski/ Black Press Media)

Siblings team up to deliver the Kelowna Capital News

Zoe and Kate Pauling have been delivering papers for three years

It’s a family affair, the Pauling children have been delivering the Kelowna Capital News for years. First, the eldest daughter started a route in her family’s Hall Road neighbourhood which was passed down to siblings Kate and Zoe about three years ago.

The kids lead busy lives from competitive swimming to dance classes, but Kate and Zoe find time each week to go out together and make sure everyone on their route gets a copy of the Capital News.

“I like doing it because, well, I get to walk which is kind of fun and we get to meet nice people,” said Kate, who receives Christmas and birthday presents sometimes from her grateful neighbours.

Zoe says the two deliver more than 60 papers each week, which can be daunting in the summer heat or cold winter days.

However, she still recommends the job.

“I think it is a very good idea because it is good for resumes to get working at a young age when you can’t really work anywhere else,” said Zoe. “A lot of people just sit on their butts and watch TV, so it’s good to get outside and walk and meet people.”

Plus the extra money is a bonus too added Zoe, who likes to buy shoes with her earnings.

If you’re looking to deliver papers for the Kelowna Capital News, West K News or Lake Country Calendar please contact maria.zacarias@kelownacapnews.com or call 250-763-7575.

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