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Smudged, honoured, and blessed: Ceremony held for Kamloops attack victim

Jessie Simpson said the party was one of the best days of his life

A small honour ceremony was held for a young Kamloops man who beat all the odds against him after a brutal attack with a baseball bat left him in a coma for 11 months.

Jessie Simpson is enjoying life again seven years after the assault left him with life altering injuries.

With a request from Simpson, Elder Barb Larson came to the Simpson’s home in Savona for an honour ceremony to say a prayer for the young man.

Simpson’s mom Sue told Black Press her son said the ceremony and party to follow was one of the best days of his life.

“He was so happy. He got gifts and Jessie was smudged by one of the elders and just the vibe of the day was amazing.”

About 30 people showed up for the party, including a number of friends from Simpson’s high school days.

“He was smiling and singing and laughing,” Sue said about her son. “It was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time.”

Simpson was gifted an elk horn and eagle feather made into a dream catcher and blessed by an elder.

A disc jockey donated his time to spin some of Simpson’s favourite tunes.

With Simpson’s birthday coming up on July 26, Sue is requesting birthday cards for her son as they always cheer him up.

Cards can be mailed to:

Jessie Simpson

P.O. Box 233

Savona, B.C.

V0K 2J0

The party also signified a win for the Simpson family, having won the home of Simpson’s attacker in a lawsuit where Kristopher Teichrieb was found guilty of hiding assets to avoid paying the nearly $7 million he was ordered to pay following the attack.

The house on Clifford Ave. in Kamloops is now on the market, but in the meantime Sue continues to collect funds through a GoFundMe to pay the expenses of bringing Simpson home on weekends.

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