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Striking gold in Mission Creek, Kelowna rock club teaches gold panning

Mission Creek has an abundance of gold waiting to be found

The 1120 Rock Club in Kelowna hosted a morning at Mission Creek on Aug. 6 to teach the community all about gold panning.

Michael Mackenzie from the Vernon Lapidary Club assisted people in learning how to pan and what you’re looking for.

“Gold is heavy, so it will fall to the bottom of your pan. It’s just all in the technique.”

Dozens of people of all ages came out to search for treasure.

“When [the gold] is going down the creek it’ll find low pressure zones and it will go in behind that and bury itself behind a big rock. So I say, grab a big rock and dig behind it or move it out of the way and then just test pan.”

Mackenzie has been gold panning for 20 years. His biggest find was a two gram nugget, with one gram of gold having an estimated value of $80.

“It’s kind of hit and miss,” Mackenzie said about the likelihood of everyone leaving with a small piece of gold.

Learn more about gold panning or join the next event by following the 1120 Rock Club on social media.

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