Contributed Corbin Carpenter’s art was recognized during the Canada 150 & Me regional conference in April. Now he heads to Ottawa for the national conference in June.

Student uses art to inspire

Corbin Carpenter uses his art to discuss the importance of the environment within Canada

Corbin Carpenter uses his art to discuss the importance of the environment within Canada.

Selected from 11,000 others for his art, the Kelowna student attended the Canada 150 & Me regional conference in Montreal in April.

There, Carpenter 17, was recommended by students and youth ambassadors to attend the national conference in Ottawa, June 26.

“I’m incredibly excited, not only do I get to see different opportunities, but this next conference is on the environment,” said Carpenter.

His piece, Change to Opportunity presents the viewer with a positive message about the challenges and opportunities youth face today.

In his drawing, he compared the oil sands to renewable energy, and how using renewable resources leaves opportunities for generations to come.

The top left corner has a mountain and forest scene which represents the beauty of Canada and the hands holding cogs in the background represent a well-maintained machine. A scale shows a rich man on one side, outweighing multiple poor people on the other side. He means for the piece to be about finding equality and balance.

Carpenter draws inspiration from the outdoors in multiple venues for art, whether it’s writing, playing music, or taking photos.

Change to Opportunity took approximately two-and-a-half hours to compete, with a blend of light and dark elements.

Going to the Canada 150 & Me national conference means a chance to meet new people and learn more about his country.

“It’s also kind of validation for some of the ways I want to be seen and be known for in my community,” said Carpenter, who also is a snowboard and mountain bike instructor.

Carpenter’s family has always been into healthy eating and connecting with nature, which he said is what led him to his passions of nature and artwork.

“I’ve grown up with doing art and I love it,” he said.

His parents were art enthusiasts, painting murals and working as painters full-time.

“I get a lot of my passion from them,” he said.

The Grade 11 student attends Studio 9, an art institution in Kelowna.

“I’m a real believer in encouraging my kids to live their passions,” said his mother Keli Carpenter.

After graduation, he plans to attend the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity to get a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

“He’ll be able to live his dream in Banff,” said Keli.

Carpenter is looking forward to seeing the Ottawa Canada Day celebration.

“I love Canada Day in general. It’s really exciting I’m really excited to see the actual day itself and how its celebrate and what Canada has for the future as well,” he said.


Change to Opportunity