Const. Robyn Boffy speaks with students during the Human Library event, May 9, at KLO Middle School. - Image Credit: Justin Schneider

Students take out people instead of books

The annual Human Library was held today at KLO Middle School

Students at École KLO Middle School set their textbooks aside and signed out some humans at their sixth annual Human Library event, May 9.

Human Library volunteers become living books that KLO readers borrow for a set period of time (15-20 minutes) to engage in conversations. Students get the opportunity to hear diverse stories and converse with a wide variety of community members.

“Hearing a person’s journey in their own words gives students a new perspective and deepens learning,” said school district superintendent Kevin Kaardal. “It teaches them to understand the diversity that enriches our communities and opens their minds to a world of experiences. We are grateful to the community members and volunteers who make these events successful.”

Human Library events were first developed in Europe to allow readers to meet with people from diverse backgrounds in an effort to break down stereotypes and prejudices. These events bring community members together, foster diversity and change attitudes. In a 21st Century Learning environment, Human Library events also reinforce the role of a library as a Learning Commons, an important place to bring diverse people together, to provide meaningful social action among students and community members.