Take the challenge: Donate a sleeping bag this week

Homelessness is a problem with many possible solutions, but a tangible one is to provide sleeping bags.

One Bag Challenge: Geoff from Metro Community (left)

One Bag Challenge: Geoff from Metro Community (left)

This winter, many folks will be spending cold days and nights on Kelowna’s city streets.

A clean, dry sleeping bag will make a world of difference to them — the difference between health and sickness, perhaps even life and death.

Grouse RiverHomelessness is a problem with many possible solutions, but a tangible one is to provide sleeping bags.

The One Bag Challenge is an opportunity for us all, as a community, to step up and help out.

The challenge was initiated by Grouse River outdoor store, Metro Community church and The Film Factory.

Now they are challenging all of us to buy a sleeping bag — or a few — and challenge like-minded businesses, organizations or compassionate people to meet the challenge and pass it forward.

Or collect cash to donate to the cause.

This Friday, Nov.18, musicians Andrew Judah, Swamp Honey, Tiger Moon and Dustin McGifford will blow the roof off in support of the One Bag Challenge: Winter Edition.

Andrew JudahThe concert is from 6 to 11:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18 at 875 Wardlaw Ave. in Kelowna. The entry fee is $20 or one sleeping bag at the door or at Third Space Culture, across from Third Space Coffee in the Landmark 2 building, as well as at the Film Factory.

The preferred sleeping bags should be winter rated and water resistant. They must protect against the rigours of outdoor winter living. Through this week and next, Grouse River is offering a 15 per cent off coupon for a winter-grade sleeping bag donation to the challenge. Go to thefilmfactory.ca to get your coupon.

“Our goal is to fill this house with people so that we can fill some empty sleeping bags with people who really need them to get through the winter,” Lauren Hjalmarson of The Film Factory said in a press release.

To view a video on the One Bag Challenge, visit The Film Factory on Facebook.

Metro Community church will soon be opening its new drop-in location for the homeless near the corner of St. Paul and Coronation in downtown Kelowna. It will be outfitted with industrial washers and dryers to keep the donated sleeping bags clean and dry for their owners all winter.


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