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Tutors give Vernon students 50 years of educational assistance

Vernon Learning Disabilities Association continues in its milestone year to help kids struggling

For 50 years, young learners have been supported through the work of the Vernon Learning Disabilities Association.

“We began our work together in 1973 to help students dealing with learning differences,” said Viv Norris. “Our work currently provides one-on-one tutoring to these students, after school and during the summer vacation. As well, we help with a wide range of services, helping these students and their families cope with the difficulties that learning differences can create, both in and outside the classroom.”

The association thanks the community who have generously supported their efforts for these 50 years.

“People with learning differences have average to above average intelligence. They are often very successful in the work they do as adults. They just learn differently.”

Early identification of specific learning challenges, often using educational assessments, helps students and tutors to discover the method of learning which will produce the best results.

Then students come to appreciate that they have learning skills as well as learning challenges, and that they can use their knowledge of their own skills to have more control of their ability to learn.

The Vernon Learning Disabilities Association currently provides tutoring to students in public and private schools, as well those who are home schooled.

Currently, tutors are working with 11 students, aged eight to 14 years, out of school hours.

The Summer Tutoring program, which begins in July, will continue to offer these same services to eligible students.

“The reward for the services we offer is to see the changes in these students as they develop the skills which help them with their school work, and also in their perceptions of themselves,” said Norris.

Comments from students, and from parents, on the results of their use of the Vernon Learning Disabilities Association’s services, reflect both their gains in educational knowledge, but also in the students’ enhanced perceptions of themselves.

This year, the association is able to offer a new service - the David Sager Bursary, created as a result of a generous donation.

This fund is intended for current and recent Grade 12 graduates with demonstrated learning disabilities, who have plans to continue their education or career preparation.

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