Video gamers thumb up more than $2,000 for KGH

The couch potato may be shedding its negative connotation.

The couch potato may be shedding its negative connotation.

Geoff Webb and a group of friends raised $2,235 for the Kelowna General Hospital Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, from the comfort of Webb’s basement.

From Sept. 1 to 4, the young adults exercised their thumbs playing various versions of the Zelda video game series.

After 96 hours of mental endurance and the completion of nine versions of the game, the group was worn out.

“We were pretty exhausted by the end, but everyone had a fantastic time,” said Webb.

The money will likely go towards updating the video game equipment for the benefit of youth who stay in the psychiatric unit. Webb said that the group is still debating the best way to distribute the funds.

“That money can go really far. We will decide what needs to be purchased when we see what they have.”

Webb gave an example of how far the money could go.

“That could be a new TV, a new system, all new controllers and a whole library of games. We can basically provide a whole multimedia setup for them with this money.”

According to Webb, the United Church donated $750 to the cause, while the other funds came from friends, family and people who encountered the cause on the Internet.

The entire marathon was streamed online. Half of the screen was focused on the video game and the other half was a live web cam that peered into Webb’s basement.

“We got a very international audience. We had Canadians, Americans, people in England, people from South Australia, people from Holland.

“It was very wide-ranged. A highlight for me was being able to talk with people on the chat and making new friends.”

Webb said that, after seeing the success of this event, many of his other friends want to participate in future game marathons.

The group is planning another gaming fundraiser, which Webb hopes will take place this winter.





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