Check out the Kelowna Capital News to find out what’s happening in your community on any device at anytime and anywhere. - Image credit: Carmen Weld

Check out the Kelowna Capital News to find out what’s happening in your community on any device at anytime and anywhere. - Image credit: Carmen Weld

Video: Your reliable news with a fresh look

You might have noticed the Kelowna Capital News website has a new look — click here to check it out

The evolution of the media landscape has introduced tremendous change in recent years as to when, where and how local readers access news.

At the Kelowna Capital News, we have positioned ourselves to adapt to those changes and make use of new technology to serve our readers better.

Looking back over a decade ago, newspapers grasped the Internet like a shiny new toy and began uploading stories and pictures onto it. We also began to open our stories to the interactivity and felt, “Ah, we’re digital.”

But then the shiny new toy got bigger and bigger and started advancing to be faster and faster, because consumers demanded more.

As that revolution in our industry continues, we have adapted to the improved technology.

Today, from a newspaper that had a website, the Kelowna Capital News is now a multimedia entity with an increased focus of staff resources and story content on a digital platform, while still being fully dedicated to delivering a traditional newspaper which remains an iconic part of our community.

There has been a shift in readership as a generation that grew up with digital devices and embraced social media has moved into adulthood.

More people have and will be accessing news and information from mobile devices than ever before. The average smartphone user picks up their phone 150 times a day – once every nine minutes.

While for many it has replaced the need to read a newspaper, it has also made desktop and laptop computers for personal use increasingly obsolete.

It has been a game changer in our lives, with the reality of that impact continuing to be felt in new ways today.

So in keeping with that change, today we introduce our new website – the – to bring you the news, information and advertising in the way you want it, whether it is on your mobile phone, tablet or other form of technology.

And yes, the traditional newspaper format will continue to be published to a significant audience who still like the idea of holding a newspaper in their hands in a quiet moment and perusing it for local news and advertising.

“We’re excited to build upon our connection to the community with a new digital strategy, providing news in a timely manner on,” said Capital News editor Kevin Parnell.

“We’ve always been about telling stories that matter to people and we are happy to have a new website with a fresh strategy and combine that with our newspaper where we can go more in-depth on local stories. This is the best of both worlds of online and print. We have a great team of journalists in place across the Okanagan Valley and we take a lot of pride in telling local stories from the communities we all live in.”

To add to our reliable print product we have upgraded our website to be more readily responsive to any device, with all our stories, pictures and videos providing the same news learning experience no matter what device you receive it on.

Our new website has an updated look, better organized layout and is easy to navigate.

Our new digital platform also has meant our editorial departments have had to change their way of thinking, to give you what you have demonstrated you want—the news when you want it, where you want it, how you want it.

We are no longer a community newspaper with a deadline or two a week. We are now effectively a 24/7 news providing resource.

Our digital platform gives us the ability to deliver the news to you within minutes of it happening, more than just words and stories but also with images available through a concurrent video channel called BPTV (Black Press TV), bringing video content to all devices and platforms.

As well, the Kelowna Capital News will continue to reach out to various social media channel audiences through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For advertisers, our digital technology gives local businesses a massive reach. Advertisers will be able to put their ads across thousands of sites and target ideal customers based on age, gender, location, home address and even native language.

They can also target audiences based on what those audiences are doing via search history, online content consumption, transactions, browsing behaviour and clicks.

Through the online version of the Kelowna Capital News you will be able to read the stories that make our region so great to live in. You can see, in photos and videos, the people and events that make the lives of our local communities vibrant and dynamic.

You can interact with those stories and you can help shape the stories that get told with easier access to sending our news team story tips, story ideas and photos using the online form accessed via our website.

So while the media landscape is changing, it’s still about telling you about what, where, why, when and who is creating news in our community. Now, you’ll be able to get more of it, and get it sooner – all in the palm of your hand.

Make your home page now and send us your best news tips, videos and photos to anytime.