Women’s roller derby joins Take Back The NIght cause

Okanagan Roller Derby Association to support march with Elizabeth Fry Society.

The Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society will be joined by the Okanagan Roller Derby Association as co-hosts for the Kelowna Take Back The Night march on Thursday, Sept. 20.

“If you’ve ever been for a roller derby bout you see that roller derby women are fearless on the track. It’s that spirit of courage, strength, and teamwork that we want our community to experience at Take Back the Night, so to me, the partnership is a natural” said Aimee Thompson, agency coordinator for the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society.

For 40 years, the Elizabeth Fry Society has been supporting survivors of violence and advocating for every women’s right to live free from violence.

The annual Take Back the Night March raises awareness about sexual violence and provides an opportunity for everyone in the community to provide support and strength to survivors of violence.

The event takes place in cities worldwide as a protest against the fear of sexualized violence that women encounter in their lives.

“We are students, professionals, moms, and friends who encourage women of all backgrounds and skill levels in a supportive environment to become the strong, athletic, fearless roller derby players you see on the track,”  said Christina Ferreira (aka Moxie Crue), the OKRD league president.

“We are thankful for the sisterhood we have found in roller derby, and are proud to support the Elizabeth Fry Society to extend our objective of women’s empowerment to our community.”

For more information or to volunteer please call Allie Grey: at 250-763-4613.

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