The Kelowna waterfront during snowfall. (John Enman photo)

The Kelowna waterfront during snowfall. (John Enman photo)

Kelowna’s community prevails in 2020

A look back at the good news of 2020

Bad news begets bad news.

And, as we all very well know at this point, that was certainly the case this year.

Headlines across the world were dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020; there was no escaping it – neither for the public nor for journalists here covering the stories.

The sheer number of news stories was itself overwhelming, and the content didn’t make it any easier to stomach; however, some bright moments shone through during this dark year.

Those stories didn’t always get the spotlight they deserved, often pushed down by daily COVID-19 case counts, new government mandates and general 2020 “doom and gloom.”

As a result, the Kelowna Capital News is looking back at some of those feel-good local stories that arose amid the turbulence, highlighting the togetherness 2020 inadvertently encouraged.

As the world shut down, communities came together. Residents rallied around health-care workers, posting white hearts in the windows of the homes they were cooped up in and paying tribute to hospital staff with parades – often on a nightly basis through March and April.

The parades didn’t stop there. With birthday parties unable to be hosted as usual, several children were also surprised by convoys of vehicles on their special day. All of this brought a sense of normalcy to the immense disruption that made its way through everybody’s lives.

That disruption continues to this day, though as time has gone on, people have become used to the new implements in their everyday lives.

Whether that be masks on their faces or elbow bumps in-lieu of previously-standard handshakes, community members have largely made the commitment to public health, ensuring the spread of the virus will be sufficiently stemmed until somebody jabs us all in the arm with a vaccine.

Until then, it’ll be community that pulls us through, just as it has over the past 10 months.

– Black Press Media

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