Bringing the bass to Kelowna

Bringing the bass to Kelowna

Veteran Toronto bassist Henry Heillig is on the move.

How does a musician with a 40-year resumé celebrate his 65th birthday? In the case of bassist/ bandleader and composer Henry Heillig, he does it by releasing

Heillig Manoeuvre’s fifth CD Thoughtful Fun and leading his jazz quartet on a nine-concert tour.

Heillig, who turns 65 in October, is not planning to slow down any time soon.

“Retirement is not an option; not when I enjoy my work so much,” said Heilleg.

“This will be my first time leading a tour. I co-led Manteca for 20+ years, but Matt Zimbel was in charge of building and planning tours. This time, it’s all on me!”

Not that Heillig is a novice at touring, mind you. In the 1970s, his folk roots led him to travel with singer/songwriter Ian Tamblyn and CBC satirist Nancy White. In the ‘80s, Sharon Lois and Bram kept him hopping whenever Manteca was not doing so. In the ‘90s, it was Eric Nagler and Manteca, and since then he has gone across Canada numerous times with harmonica giant Carlos del Junco.

Thoughtful Fun is the third release featuring the present members of Heillig Maneouvre, who have been together since 2011. Their exuberant personalities and keen interplay make for exciting performances.

Heillig Manoeuvre is composed of Alison Young on saxophones, Stacie McGregor on piano and keyboards, Charlie Cooley on drums and Henry Heillig on bass.

The Toronto bassit will be performing at MTL Foods Real, Oct. 30 . It’s No. 101 – 1851 Kirschner Road., 7 p.m., $15 cover or $10 for students.