Country music’s Aaron Pritchett looks to perform indefinitely

Country music’s Aaron Pritchett looks to perform indefinitely

The B.C. musician will take the stage in Kelowna in January

B.C. country legend, Aaron Pritchett is gearing up to release his 8th studio album, Out On The Town the day he kicks off his tour in January.

After all these years fans need not worry, his 2006 hit, Hold My Beer will always have a home in his set list.

The CCMA award winner and JUNO Award nominee who has had 14 Top 10 singles over his career was focused on designing a diverse record that stood out from his collection.

“My main focus was diversity. Diversity from my other albums where the songs pretty diverse and they all had a similar sound. This one didn’t stay on that path,” said Pritchett. “Worth a Shot is a song that is an anthem song for the album, and the kick a*s first single. The other, Better When I Do is different from anything else I have ever done.”

His whiskey smooth voice carries over the tracks, navigating the notes delivering his promise to his fans and showing off his new found range.

Over his career he has watched pop influences trickle into country and purists that cling to their down home country roots. However he says that the grey areas appearing in modern country music is a shot in the dark that still hits the target.

“Country music in general is really becoming diverse,” said Pritchett. “This has been an on-going discussion for 25 years. When The Dixie Chicks came in, we saw what genres should be, it is that they are so diverse now and it’s where we started to see this shift going one way or the other.”

The B.C. native has toured across Canada for the past 25 years and has no plans of stopping any time soon. He says he can’t get enough of performing for his fans.

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“I can’t do anything else. It’s still an industry that I am glad I am a part of. I don’t want to do anything else in life than play music and entertain that is my goal and I have built a fan base over the past 25 plus [sic] years and continue playing for them…. I don’t think I will ever retire from playing live.

“I’ll be in my 90s singing Hold My Beer while holding an oxygen tank and loving doing it.”

Pritchett will be in Kelowna with Kira Isabella and David James on his Out of the Town 2019 tour at the OK Corral Jan. 27. Tickets are available at