Funny man brings levity to Vernon

Funny man brings levity to Vernon

Derek Edwards is bringing his 90-minute stand-up routine to the Vernon stage

British Columbians are recovering from a devastating year of turbulent weather, with raging fires immediately following devastating floods.

To lighten the mood, Ontario funny-man Derek Edwards is ready to make his rounds with his Alls I’m Saying tour, with an Oct. 28 stop at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre.

“We’ve been worried about B.C.,” said Edwards, a Timmins, Ont. product. “Let’s see if I can bring some levity to the group.”

Edwards, in Vernon for the third time, said he avoids hot political satire in his routine, opting for a more light-hearted approach.

“I have a variety of fluff in my big kit bag on the road that changes every night,” Edwards said. “It’s just escapism, have-fun comedy.”

That doesn’t mean he avoids important topics, though.

“Sometimes you can catch on to something that’s a big issue that works,” Edwards said. “But that kind of (American politics) stuff I just leave to the Yanks.”

Despite his often light-hearted approach, the Just For Laughs veteran said his brand of comedy isn’t for everyone.

“Please, for God’s sake, leave your kids at home,” he laughed. “Canada is so courteous. If there’s even one kid in the crowd that feels uncomfortable, everyone is uncomfortable.”

And it’s a technique that has worked for Edwards, who boasts a comedy career that spans three decades.

But, if he ever hangs up the microphone, he isn’t without a backup plan.

“I’d like to be a player in a big Canadian fishing movie, or a carpenter,” Edwards laughed, adding he hasn’t put much thought into it.

For now, however, comedy will have to do, Edwards said. Though he isn’t sad about the prospects of continuing to get on stages of all sizes to share his musings.

“I love the immediacy of the reaction. You’re kind of learning at this exponential rate — I learn faster, I count faster,” he laughed. “You’re treading water, and if you stop for a minute…”

And for Edwards, that audience connection is what it’s all about.

“What’s better than getting a good chuckle out of somebody?” Edwards said. “When they’re all ready and have a grin on their face, it’s magic.”

Edwards is bringing his 90-minute stand-up routine to the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre stage Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available for $47.50 through the Ticket Seller, 250-549-7469,