Frank and Irene Morrison will be enjoying Bob Dylan with their kids in Kelowna newt week.

Frank and Irene Morrison will be enjoying Bob Dylan with their kids in Kelowna newt week.

Kelowna family won’t think twice about Dylan’s concert

A Kelowna family’s history has been wrapped around the music of Bob Dylan

When Bob Dylan takes the stage at Prospera Place next week and performs the songs that have been woven into more than 50 years of popular culture, it will be a particularly special event for one local family.

Frank and Irene Morrison have seen Dylan perform numerous times over the years but this will be the first time they see the legend with their entire family.

The first time they caught a Dylan show was in May 19, 1966 in Glasgow, when they were just dating.

By the next concert they had married, only Frank went without Irene to the show. It was Dylan’s 1969 comeback at the Isle of Wight Festival and Irene stayed home, pregnant with their first child who they named Stephen Dylan Morrison when he was born later that year.

The “Dylan” in his name is no accident. Frank is a loyal fan of the Nobel Prize winner’s catalogue and said that while Dylan’s musical chops are better than most give him credit for, nothing compares to the lyrics he’s written.

“Never” was his response to the question of whether there would ever be another like him. When asked for his favourite song, he said it was Like a Rolling Stone.

Irene also enjoys the music, though she pointed out that it was almost a necessity once she decided to marry Frank. The two, together, have seen numerous shows in four countries—Scotland, England, the US and Canada.

Their daughter, Irene said, has also caught a number of Dylan shows, but the son whose name was inspired by the musical legend has yet to do so.

That will end this Monday when the whole family goes to the Kelowna show at Prospera Place.