An aerial view of Kelowna’s Meet Me on Bernard program. (City of Kelowna/Contributed)

An aerial view of Kelowna’s Meet Me on Bernard program. (City of Kelowna/Contributed)

Kelowna residents encouraged to get ‘eventive’ this summer

The city is looking to establish Kelowna’s ‘signature event,’ and wants residents to share their ideas

Events are back, and Kelowna is looking for ideas that will put the city on the map.

Kelowna’s first-ever event strategy is in the works and residents will be able to give input until Sept. 7 that will help shape the future of the city’s biggest events. Kelowna residents can give input on potential locations, activities and accommodations, as well as participate in surveys and polls on the topic.

These ideas will come to life at the Get Eventive Days coming up this summer. On July 24-25 and Aug. 21-22, local art, musical performances and culture showcases will be set up along the promenade from Waterfront to City Park. These attractions are meant to spark ideas for a signature event for Kelowna.

Signature events are events like the Calgary Stampede or Quebec’s Winter Carnival, events so iconic they are inseparable from the place they occur. They often have a strong connection with the culture, climate or heritage of the host city.

“In addition to our event strategy, we’re also seeking ideas as to what Kelowna’s signature event could be,” said Babcock. “We invite our residents to be creative, tell us their ideas, and help us develop an event that reflects who we are and who we want to be.”

Kelowna residents are invited to share their ideas for a signature event as well as interact with others’ by voting or liking them at

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