Kelowna Vegan Festival takes over the Rotary Centre

Kelowna Vegan Festival takes over the Rotary Centre

The plant based creations stem from wanting to create a product that brings people together

The Vegans took over the Rotary Centre this weekend, selling plant-based food, skin care products, clothing and accessories.

“This room is its own micro-economy, we are each other’s business and we are growing together which is so exciting to be apart of,” said Steev Paterson, with Neon Wolfe Creations.

The Oliver based organic, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and seasonally inspired ravioli company focuses on shifting customers focus from over processed foods that are found in the grocery store and make a pasta that is easy at home and everyone can enjoy regardless of any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

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“We wanted to create a product that would bring families together, where everyone could eat and enjoy the same meal together and just add different toppings onto it, whether it’s sausage or mushrooms. That way families aren’t making three different meals for everyone’s dietary restrictions. We want to bring back meals that families can enjoy together,” said Sarren Wolfe, owner of Neon Wolfe Creations.

During their first vegan festival: Vegilante debuted their three different kinds of Tempeh made from black beans, adzuki beans and chickpeas instead of the traditional soy based as a protein on your plate—creating a high-protein, plant-based product for vegans in the Okanagan.

“It’s good for both your digestive system and your body, because it’s fermented,” said Martin Rivard, co-owner of Vegilante. “They all have different flavours and textures, and because Tempeh is so good at absorbing you can marinade it in anything and it will taste great.”

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While waiting in line to get her hands on some vegan ‘cheeze’ from Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze, Alison Weston raved about the innovations in vegan options. In her bag she was carrying vegan butter chicken sauce, and recently has made the switch to a plant based diet in December.

“I work in the restaurant industry so it’s a lot harder for me to be plant based than most. I have a lot of extra temptations and cravings because of it. So I am able to come to events like this and pick up some ‘Veta’ and make a big greek salad with it and satisfy all of my cravings at once,” Weston said. “It really makes all the difference having options, then I don’t feel so left out, when my family comes over I am able to make food they don’t even know is vegan and we all enjoy it together.”

The Kelowna Vegan Festival runs once a month, check their Facebook event page for more details.

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