Photo by Michelle Lavendar, Okanagan Photography

Photo by Michelle Lavendar, Okanagan Photography

Vibrations of Hope raises $2,000 for Kelowna Women’s Shelter

A local female driven event succeeds in inaugural year

Vibrations of Hope were sent out into Kelowna’s atmosphere Saturday night, at a charity event that inspired those who attended.

“I wanted to plant a seed of hope to evolve into a movement of change and growth,” Kristal Hunter, organizer said.

Vibrations of Hope raised $2,000 for the Kelowna Women’s Shelter in its inaugural year and Hunt is already planning next year’s event.

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The charity event, driven by local female artists, dancers, singers, poets, artisans and writers that came together to showcase Kelowna talent and support for the Kelowna Women’s Shelter. The Silent Auction table was overflowing with donations for attendants to bid on.

“I feel like it was a really moving and inspirational evening that created a lot of thought provoking moments, for some people who were participating, some of the songs that were sung hand more of an inspirational vibe to them and some of the scene acting that was happening was domestic abuse and sexual abuse towards women.

So it had some very drastic ups and downs that left people questioning what their thoughts were towards domestic abuse and how they can help and become advocates,” Hunter said.

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The event was created when Hunter woke up on her birthday in February and felt an urge to give, rather than recieve. She decided to create an event that would bring together the community through a charity event that would not only support a cause close to her heart but also be fun for everyone that attended.

“A lot of preformers are already telling me they want to be apart of the next one,” Hunter said.

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