Letter: Speak out over childcare shortage

Letter: Speak out over childcare shortage

To the editor:

I am writing to you in regard to the Early Childhood Educator shortage in our province.

Many families are aware that there is now some funding available for daycare — which is so needed — some families cannot afford to pay for childcare as it is a very costly service.

As an owner of a childcare centre, I can attest to the struggles many families face monthly with childcare.

Some families have had to leave their jobs because they cannot afford to have both parents work.

Then they are faced with not being able to meet their bills due to loss of income.

It is a vicious circle.

The government has had great intentions — give back to the families. This is great!

However, some families can’t find childcare due to the staffing shortage in our province. Many are not aware how this is impacting families and daycares.

I have considered opening a second centre, however, if I cannot staff my centre, I cannot open.

Currently, Vernon is seeing a crisis in childcare. I receive calls every day from families looking for care — my centre is at capacity — so I can’t accommodate these families when they call.

If the government addressed the staffing shortage before making more spaces, we would be able to balance for the families seeking care.

It is great to create more spaces but without staff, it is not viable.

The NDP have committed $1.3 billion to childcare. This is an amazing commitment.

However, we need to find staffing now. We can’t wait.

I ask families to make their stories known to the government. Share your stories. Tell what is happening.

If you are a childcare provider, speak out.

We need the government to hear how this shortage is affecting you, your children and your families.

Thank you for taking the time to share my concern.

Kathleen Gmeinweser

As We Grow Preschool