Letter: Notley, Trudeau bullying B.C. on pipelines

Kelowna letter-writer says Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, and big oil are bullying the B.C. NDP

  • Mar 2nd, 2018

Reader feedback: Is the Coquihalla worse this year?

We asked for your feedback on the Coquihalla and you had a lot to say.

Letter: Downtown business against Westcorp hotel

The owner of Mosaic Books says hotel goes against downtown vision

  • Feb 28th, 2018
One acre fire on Big White Road
Wildfire near Dee Lake
The Nicholson Matriarchs release butterflies to heal
Geese celebrate Canada Day

Letter: Kelowna mayor, councillors not listening

Letter-writer questions the recent moves by Kelowna city council

  • Feb 26th, 2018

Letter: Cartoon formeted racism

Kelowna letter-writer didn’t find any humour in Capital News cartoon

  • Feb 25th, 2018

Letter: Get educated on electoral reform question

Kelowna letter-writer says it’s an important decision voters will be making this year

  • Feb 26th, 2018

Letter: Good job, Charlie Hodge

Kelowna letter-writer enjoyed Charlie Hodge’s column

  • Feb 25th, 2018

Letter: Bravo, Kelowna Community Theatre

Kelowna letter-writer says they were treated first class at the community theatre

  • Feb 25th, 2018

Letter: What we have learned in Peachland

Peachland letter-writer expresses frustration with recent council decision

  • Feb 25th, 2018

Letter: The Westcorp saga continues

Kelowna letter-writer details long history with developer and Kelowna

  • Feb 23rd, 2018

B.C. mom shares the heartbreak of an addicted child

With every fiber of my being as his mother, I have stood resolutely, phone in hand, and said No, I cannot help you with that.

  • Feb 23rd, 2018

Letter: What about driving and cannabis?

Kelowna letter-writer says politicians need to take notice

  • Feb 23rd, 2018

Letter: Cartoon was politically, racially biased

Kelowna letter-writer not impressed with editorial cartoon

  • Feb 21st, 2018

Letter: Voting has become a farce

West Kelowna letter-writer wonders who is the big winner after the Kelowna West byelection

  • Feb 21st, 2018

Letter: BC forest practices need to change

Letter writer says forestry is in need of an overhaul

Letter: A question about race

Kelowna letter-writer says those who promote ethnocide are the real race haters

  • Feb 18th, 2018

Letter: Bottom line; God help us all

Kelowna letter-writer says there is one answer to what’s going on

  • Feb 16th, 2018

Feedback: Readers react to Kelowna West byelection

Kelowna Capital News web was active with responses to byelection

Letter: Thanks for wonderful, attentive care

West Kelowna letter-writer says they were treated extremely well at KGH

  • Feb 15th, 2018

Letter: Faith-based groups have to respect human rights

Kelowna letter-writer says taxpayer funds not be used to undermine the rights of fellow citizens

  • Feb 15th, 2018