Art Adventures for kids at KAG this summer

Art Adventures returns this summer to the Kelowna Art Gallery with innovative, intriguing and affordable art camps for children.

The Kelowna Art Gallery is now accepting registrations for this summer’s art camps for children. Art Adventures camps are available for pre-school children, children ages 6 to 9, and ages 9 to 12. Full-day camps and morning-only “mini camps” are offered, with activities running Monday through Friday. Art Adventures begins July 3 and runs until August 24, 2012.

The focus of each Art Adventures camp varies, with some camps including off-site trips to artist’s studios, City Park, Waterfront Park, and Kasugai Gardens. During the camps, children can expect to develop skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, and sculpture, while being inspired by the current exhibitions. Guest artists will be a major part of each of the camps, as they share their expertise with the children to help them develop a better understanding of art.

Some of the camps that may be of particular interest feature professional cartoon instruction, learning about world-wide destinations, performance art, the world of insects, and skateboarding. A perennial favorite is the Art and Grind skateboard camp, which teaches children graphic design skills applied to their skateboard decks and includes a lesson from a professional skateboarder.

Class size is limited, allowing for more one-on-one instruction to enrich the experience. All programs highlight skill-building and self-expression, as well as the introduction of new ideas and artistic techniques.

“Art Adventures pushes the boundaries of how we traditionally look at art,” says Renée Burgess, Head of Public Programming at the Kelowna Art Gallery. “It’s important that we create programs that are relevant and interesting to the participants. Art Adventures is a fun, interactive, and innovative way to expose kids to the visual arts.”

In addition to creative exploration for participants, Art Adventures can offer parents peace of mind that their children will be spending their summer days with their peers in a nurturing and creative environment.

For more information or to register your child, contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 or online at