Awesome Okanagan: Take a holiday in your own hometown valley

  • May. 4, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Part of why the Okanagan is so awesome has to do with how close all the cities and towns are—you have the opportunity to take in a lot of different experiences over a weekend.

For me, it started Saturday morning with a trip to the Kelowna Farmers Market at Springfield and Dilworth with Kayla and Adrian. We were on the lookout for valley-wide famous breakfast wraps but what we didn’t know at the time was the Okanagan Street Food truck has a real location now.

Quickly, by asking around, we find other breakfast wraps that more than make up for it. There were Alpaca’s.

After Kayla and Adrian went on their way, and with the weather getting warmer, it made sense to meet Rob and Ryan downtown. We were all thinking patio under the sun and took in the atmosphere at Hanna’s Lounge at 1352 Water St. The view of Okanagan Lake from the patio is breath-taking but dangerous, staring down the South Okanagan proves too tempting. We hit the road, looking for any excuse to roll the windows down and drive by the water.

In Penticton we dig the vibe at Salty’s Beach House at 1000 Lakeshore Dr. They serve us sangria, mussels and fish tacos; all of these things are A-OK with us.

We bake a little longer as the boys regale me with tales of Naramata, I’ve never been, so we hit the road again.

I’m excited to visit Therapy Vineyards at 940 Debeck Rd.—I’ve enjoyed the wine on a number of occasions. We try to sneak in a tasting but they’re closing since it’s 6 p.m. They recommend places in town that are must-taste; every one in Naramata seems so pleasant.

The sun sets and the view is ridiculous. The night is ending and our homes call.

Sunday, the weather one-ups itself. The weekend’s still in full swing and our adventure continues.

Adam and I head to downtown Kelowna for brunch at The Boh at 524 Bernard Ave. Eggs Benedict, we stick with the usual but are allowed to add personal additions to our meals by easy-going staff. Breakfast is delicious as usual, our mood is awesome.

After spending the previous day on the other side of Okanagan Lake, we head down to Pandosy Village to see if Kelowna Cycle is open. We missed them, but made a serious note to try again soon. We stay the course down Lakeshore ogling the surroundings and ‘seriously’ making notes about which houses we “would totally buy.”

Looking at the once-burned mountainside slowly recovering to a healthy green, I remember a delicious treat around the corner—you may remember from an online post about our trip to Carmelis Goat Cheese Farm at 170 Timberline Rd. It’s sunny so gelato sounds perfect. We also see our goatly friends.

We head back home, it’s only lunch time and make plans for a bike ride and longboard before the day is done.

This is springtime in the Awesome Okanagan.

Brandon W. Fletcher is the managing editor of



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