Jason Lane has become the guru go-to for what's on in the local music scene with his fantastic blog www.laner.ca

Best way to get more bands coming is to support local venues

There are 25 live shows on in this little city in the space of just two nights, and that’s not all that out of the ordinary these days.

  • Fri Nov 18th, 2011 1:00pm
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Up for some live music this Friday and Saturday?

You’re in luck. There are 25 live shows on in this little city in the space of just two nights, and that’s not all that out of the ordinary these days, according to blogger Jason Lane whose been writing about the music scene since March of 2006.

“After Breakout West, I think a blueprint was laid out for how you can feasibly bring in a major event, 50 to 60 bands, and it was a success. All the venues had large crowds and I think the community did step up, did buy in,” he said.

Lane started his blog, www.laner.ca, to fuel his own passion for music and help his friends figure out what is happening around town. He believes Kelowna’s music scene can and will continue to grow with the right support.

Lane had filed 1,000 posts by last month, earning an interview on CBC’s newly expanded station. Last year he helped with promotions for the Western Canadian Music Awards and Breakout West.

Following POP Okanagan this summer, he’s filed another 30• plus posts, feeding an average of 1,500 regular visitors to the site a regular dose of information on whose coming to town.

“More local businesses are opening up the option of live music. That wasn’t the case five or six years ago,” he said.

With a Cultural Plan now on the city’s books, and a new CBC afternoon show dedicated to culture in the community, it would appear the building blocks are in place to keep the momentum going.

But he does see issues on the horizon.

“I think promotion is still tough. And there are more venues, but there could be more,” he said.

And where venues like the Kelowna Community Theatre have really stepped up their lineup, Prospera Place still isn’t booking many big acts.

“They can sell out at $80 or $90 a ticket. That’s not a problem. It’s somebody recognizing who the big talent is and what they can do to attract that,” he said.

In the meantime, Lane says he figures the best thing music fans can do if they want to see more music in town is get out and show their support for musicians.

If you’re looking for something this weekend, here’s what’s happening.


• Raquel Warchol, Jane Eamon, Jennifer Jade Kerr and Teena Gowdy at the Streaming Café, Songwriters in the Round

• Tim Williams in East Kelowna Community Hall

• Damian Brennan in the Vinter’s Poolside Grill

• Blue City at the Pheasant & Quail Pub

• Treelines with Portage & Main and Joyful Door at Habitat

• Colt 45 at O’Flannigan’s Pub

• Whiskey Jane at the 97 Street Pub

• The Stowaways in Fernando’s Taqueria on Bernard Avenue

• Here in the Noise at the Grateful Fed

• Random Act with Uptown Hornz in The Blue Gator

• Bucknife with Black Earth at Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub

• One Wroe Back and Wicked Shift at Flashbacks

• Little Birdie at The Minstrel Café


• Grateful Dads at Cabana Bar and Grille

• The Malarkeys in The Old Bike Shop Café

• Kim McMechan and Norm Strauss at the Streaming Café

• Gala For The Arts in the Rotary Centre for the Arts

• Patsy Cline tribute in The Minstrel Café

• Damian Brennen in the Vinter’s Poolside Grill

• The Ernesto Cervini Quartet in the Black Box at the Kelowna Community Theatre

• Blue City at the Pheasant & Quail Pub

• Matthew Good• Kelowna Community Theatre

• Larry and his Flask with The Porch Crawlers and The A.M.s at Habitat

• Paperboy at the Grateful Fed

• Colt 45 at O’Flannigan’s Pub

• Random Act with Uptown Hornz at The Blue Gator


Sarah Slean in the Kelowna Community Theatre.