The Boom Booms rounded out their group of fun loving

The Boom Booms rounded out their group of fun loving

Boom Booms beating down the trail to Kelowna

The Boom Booms Latin-funk-soul-rock-reggae rhythms are heading to the Okanagan on the group's first winter tour.

  • Dec. 13, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Aaron Nazrul and The Boom Booms – Hot Rum – You Know by Lit Fuse Records

When the name of your band is The Boom Booms, ducking the dance police takes practice.

Lately that’s meant trying to side-step the tricky licensing bylaws bringing down the vibe on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive.

But Vancouver’s loss just might be Kelowna’s gain as The Boom Booms will be shaken’ it through their first winter tour in the Interior of B.C. this week.

When they spoke to the Capital News—aside from shaken’ in their boots at -20 degrees Celcius— they were more than a little excited at the prospect of slip sliding around the world outside the wet West Coast.

“Get ready for Friday, big time boom boom let’s do it,” cheered frontman Aaron Ross (aka Aaron Nazrul, for the Bangladeshi rebel poet) as they passed the phone around in a café outside Kaslo.

It was the second recovery day for the group on their temporary tour bus. They left their usual woe-bedraggled Boom Bus behind for something with a little extra security features—breaks, acceleration, winter tires, those sorts of luxuries—but managed to find trouble anyway in the beef at the famed Kaslo Hotel.

While the little Kootenay hamlet may know it’s music inside and out, four of the six-pack of guys managed to walk away from their gig there with food poisoning—not that it slowed them down much. With an ever-positive outlook on life, they were busy extolling the virtues of playing under the weather.

“There’s something about being sick that makes you really feel the song,” said bass player Geordie Hart. “It’s like, oh man, I’m really feeling the emotion right now.”

Whether it made for a better show the following night or not, the group is hoping to be up to speed by the time they hit Kelowna. This will be their second stop in the Okanagan, after spending a little time here this fall playing Pop Okanagan.

And if what they’ve brought to the stage to date is testament, this is one high-energy show.

Inspired by Brazilian music they heard on a trip three years ago, The Boom Booms have an awesome world music vibe that seems to take a little Jack Johnson chill and mix it with a lot of Latinesque big beat, hip-swaggering flare and come out with a sound that brings the beach and the bonfire right to the door even in the dead of winter.

“I think the energy is a mutual thing,” said Hart, as he described how they keep it going night after night.

After returning from their time in South America, the guys went back to their home in East Vancouver and found a Cuban dance revolution underway. Pretty soon they were teaching songs, and the local dancers were teaching moves and everybody somewhat caught a wave.

The Boom Booms started with Ross and Hart, who graduated from Vancouver Technical Secondary School together with big dreams of seeing the world. After forming their first band in Grade 6, they followed the music as a means of facilitating that desire and had soon cobbled together a decent, if sparse, living.

Tree planting on the side, they picked up Tom Van Deursen and Theo Vincen, met Richard Brinkman, their drummer, and picked up Sean Ross, Aaron’s brother. They discussed becoming journalists or foreign correspondents, but decided they were already pretty good at playing music and this might be a more direct route to the lifestyle they wanted to attain.

They’re currently raising money to return to Brazil and shoot a documentary of their trip.

“We want to every year spend a few months documenting a new country,” said Hart.

To find out more about the group, their up-coming adventure, or Friday’s show visit The Boom Booms,

Tickets for the show on Friday, Dec. 16 are available in advance online for $10 at or at the door for $15. Doors open at 8 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m.

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