Burnett: Pleasure to meet Master Gardener candidates

The Master Gardener program is geared for the serious green thumb who wishes to take the gardening experience to a high level.

I had such an enjoyable day on Saturday when I sat in with the Master Gardener candidates and presented my collection of Okanagan plant pictures.

It is always a pleasure to speak to a group of keeners who feel the same way as I do about the wonderful world of plants.

In all, I had almost 500 slides to show in my PowerPoint presentation which may seem like a lot but just a fraction of what can be grown here and a miniscule amount when compared to the millions of species on this Earth.

The Master Gardener program is not for the person who wants to dabble in gardening; it is geared for the serious green thumb who wishes to take the gardening experience to a high level.

Just look at some of the topics covered in the broad curriculum: Botany, Plant Nomenclature and Identification, Soil Science and Urban Soil Management and the list goes on and on with a total of 21 units.

Congratulations to all the folk I met on Saturday for your fine efforts and thanks to Master Gardener mentors and organizers for your unselfish efforts in putting this fine program together.

For more info on this program and how you can apply to take it next year, go to the website mgabc.org.

For a nice break after lunch we took a walk through the beautiful Kasugai Gardens which is just behind Kelowna City Hall.

This is such a well-kept and serene Japanese style garden right in the middle of our city and I encourage everyone, gardener or non-gardener, to experience it.


Looking for a little culture in your life? Well you can enjoy some along with your gardening pleasures this Sept. 27 and 28 by visiting Dogwood Nurseries on the Westside.

On the Saturday, Charles Arnot from Sheer Water Pond Supply, will give a water garden demo from 1 to 2 p.m., and on Sunday Ingrid Schellenberg, a classical and jazz harpist, will perform from 1 to 4 p.m. Culture Days is a nationwide event aimed at encouraging artists of all mediums to share their passions.

Oh and by the way,  Dogwood Nurseries has some wicked fall clearance specials for those who want to do some late season planting in the garden.

My wife Donna has a real knack for cutting flowers and foliage from the garden and creating small to medium floral arrangements which she lovingly places throughout our home in spots we can enjoy them.

One such spot is on our bathroom vanity where she uses a little rock container we purchased a few years ago at the Seattle Flower Show.

A few weeks ago she took a growing tip of Coleus and placed it in the vase.

Guess what—it is still looking as good now as it did a month ago.

I had a look and low and behold the darn thing has rooted.

With all the beautiful Coleus varieties in all shapes and colours out there I suggest this is an inexpensive and sustainable way to create these little masterpieces throughout the home.


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