Burnett: The reverend was a gardener who cultivated the seeds of love

Although much has been written and said about our dear friend Albert Baldeo, this past week I would be remiss if I didn’t add my thoughts.

Although much has been written and said about our dear friend Albert Baldeo, this past week I would be remiss if I didn’t add my thoughts.

I don’t believe Albert was a gardener in the typical sense of the word, but  he cultivated the ground under his fellow brothers and sisters by sowing seeds of love, understanding, kindness and wisdom.

I know he did this more than any other man of the cloth I have personally known in my lifetime.

He was a tireless worker and to my knowledge he never refused to be there for anyone who asked for him.

However, I’m sure there must have been times when he could not be in two or more places at once.

Thank you Albert and dear Beryl for being there for my family always. I recall as if it were yesterday when you came to our community immediately embracing it as your own child.

I remember thinking: “What are those poor people you left behind going to do without you?”

I remember my parents mentioning and admiring their new minister at St. Paul’s United when Rev. Baldeo arrived in town, and when you asked the congregation for help making props to get your point across my dad often volunteered my services.

One time in particular you needed a branding iron for a sermon, spelled Jesus. Now that was a noble task to test my welding skills.

It is so difficult to imagine our lives without our favourite reverend, but the seeds he sowed were countless, and will multiply and multiply, producing wonderful flowers and fruits growing alongside life’s highway for all of us.

It was an honour to attend Baldeo’s memorial service at Trinity Baptist Church last Saturday and listen to the tributes, especially for his own wonderful family.

Thank you Rev. Richard Chung and Pastor Tim Schroeder for doing such a wonderful job.

And thank you to dear Sylvia and the wonderful St. Paul’s Choir—my dad was there with you in spirit.

Unfortunately, I neglected to bring any tissues with me and I ended up with both my shirt sleeves soaking wet by the end of the service, and I know I was not alone.

Goodbye my friend.


Mark your calendar for May 14 when the Fintry Spring Plant Festival takes place at the Fintry Manor House.

This will be a fabulous event for gardeners and non-gardeners alike with over 20 exhibitors including growers, garden clubs, societies and more.

This is all to support the Friends of the Fintry who are enabling the restoration and preservation of this wonderful part of our history.

The night before this event, make sure you take in the lecture in the theatre, 7:30 p.m. at Okanagan College by Barry Agar, head gardener at Hatley House, Royal Roads University.

His topic will be about his job, heritage gardening at the Royal Roads school in Victoria.


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