Butterfield: Deck the halls in your home

Decorating ideas range from glam colours to natural themes at the holidays.

Lots of Christmas decorating ideas.

Our Christmas tree was put up early this year and I have to say, the early holiday liveliness at night makes me smile a little inside.

I don’t tend to blast the house with decorations, just a few little neat and cheerful items tucked about the living room and dining room.

If you’re wondering what some of the hot trends this December are when it comes to baubles, decorations and trimmings, read on for some merry inspiration.


It was a hot combo last year, and it’s back for another season, pairing turquoise, teal, azure and peacock blue with wasabi, khaki, lime, and Kelly green makes for a wonderful eye popping mix of fresh and lush colour.


Snowmen, snowflakes, big bows, jingle bells—pick a theme and run with it. If you’re in the market for new tree trimmings, why not stick to a single theme and collect a bunch of ornaments and decor pieces in the same genre. The effect will be fun and totally unexpected.


Websites like Pinterest are teeming with images and great ideas from Pinners that have come up with clever and creative ways to put a spin on traditional decor, and they’re fantastic.

Have a peek at what others are cooking up in their own Christmas kitchens this year and give it a shot—like a standout paper garland made from bunches of oversized contrasting shapes and patterns.

Mix two or three colours in varying geometric shapes and pompoms, and string along a banister, mantle, or over a doorway.


You can see this inspiration everywhere you look, a throwback to the past seems to be one of the hottest Christmas must-haves for another year running. Tin ornaments, wintry hand stenciled signage, weathered barn board crates, hand crafted paper goods; bringing in some of the old helps to warm and endear the new.


One of my favorite schemes, a more natural and organic take on holiday decorating can create a softer, more soothing atmosphere, which makes cozying up on cold winter nights much more enjoyable and refreshing.

Find inspiration in twigs, pinecones, cranberries, candles, wintry boughs, holly, birch wood and lamb’s wool—all are delicious natural elements you can incorporate for a more grounded and earthy approach.


Getting bored with the go-to mini lights nestled in a vase or large glass bowl? I have another unexpected DIY project for you. Gather several varying sizes of cut birch logs (three, six and eight inch work best), and router out a two-inches diameter centre on one end of each log, just deep enough to nestle a tea light in. Next, break out the silver or metallic craft paint or gold leaf, and dip or brush the logs so 1/4 and 1/2 of the lengths are now coated in your new shimmering finish.

Let dry, and group several on your dining table, across your mantle or on a mirrored tray behind a soft or ambient lighting for effect.

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