Comic scores in Safeway contest

Jamie Charest’s friends consider him “jinxed” when it comes to cars.

Jamie Charest’s friends consider him “jinxed” when it comes to cars.

“I’ve had around 20 in the last 15 years, and they’ve broken down all over the province,” he explained Friday. “Basically, I go through one a year.”

Inside the Safeway on Bernard Avenue that afternoon, however, he and a few friends had something to celebrate—his luck had taken a turn for the better.

Charest was the winner of a 2012 Nissan Rogue, which came courtesy of the Safeway Touchdown to Win promotion, a nationwide contest that only required use of the Safeway Club Card.

“Basically, during a game I wasn’t even watching, my name came up on a screen,” said Charest, explaining how he learned of the windfall, the Friday of a long weekend. “I knew people at Dave’s Sports bar, and one texted me I won a TV, another said my name was put in a draw for a car and another said I won a million dollars.”

Exercising some restraint, Charest told his friends to calm down: He could have just won a bag of chips for all they knew. But they’d all have to wait until after the long weekend to find out how he’d won big.

Now that he’s not encumbered by the pitfalls of driving a beater, he’ll be a lot more comfortable this winter when he hits the road travelling to various venues performing standup comedy—which, incidentally, may have been the karma-enhancing factor.

Charest recently held a comedy event that was aimed at up-and-comers who hadn’t every performed. The winner of that comedy event was bequeathed Charest’s old-car du jour, a 1972 Dodge Valiant.

“I loved that car, but it was rusted out,” he said. “Now he loves it, too.”

Jamie has been a street performer, worked in theatre and does standup. He also spends his time painting and drawing. Those who would like to see if his good luck and goodwill will rub off on them can go check out Charest at the Creekside Theatre, where he’s doing his standup comedy act Nov. 4.


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