Creating a system for uniform laundry upkeep

It’s the time of year the family depends on mom the most—in-school and extracurricular sports time.

After-school activities have started to pick up with the seasonal change from summer to fall,  especially fall sports leagues.

It’s the time of year the family depends on mom the most.

In a family with multiple sports teams and endless practices dirty team uniforms can pile up fast.

No wonder every mom wants a reliable laundry pair that can handle large loads and keep sports uniforms clean and bright.

Take a look at these quick tips to gear up for an active fall sports season.

Stick to cold water

Your child will shine brightly on the field on game day with a crisp uniform and the confidence to go with it.

Keeping sports uniforms bright and vibrant over time is easy with the right tools.

Cold water cycles keep colours bright, limit fading, and use less energy than a warm water cycle, helping your family save money.

If purchasing a new washer, look for one that has an active soak phase in its cold wash cycle.

Ahigh-efficiency, top load washer will help power through tough stains while still offering the energy saving benefits of cold water.

MVP stain fighter

Stains on sports gear are inevitable so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with effective treatments.

Grass stains are the toughest and can require a pre-wash scrub with a brush, while mud stains do well with a quick pre-soak.

However, with hectic family schedules, there isn’t always time to pre-soak grass, dirt and juice box stains in expensive stain removing cleansers.

By choosing a washing machine with the right technology, pre-soaking is a thing of the past.

Use a sports detergent

Pay attention to the fabrics you are working with. Certain sports uniforms, especially the lower level spandex worn under uniforms, are designed to trap sweat.

Switching to a sports-specific detergent, specifically designed to target sweat, dirt, stains, and odour left on sports gear, will lengthen the life of these garments.

Keep sports gear separate

With hectic practice and game schedules, organization is key.

Consider having a separate space in your house for sports gear and clothing, so you can keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones.

After a game or practice have your child unload and air out their gear, (it’ll be easier for you if this space is near the laundry room) that way you can clean their uniforms overnight and put them right back in the sports bag the next morning.

If you are cleaning sportswear overnight, make sure you have a machine that helps to prevent wrinkles.

A dryer with a steam boost option is the best bet so uniforms are crisp and ready for the next practice or game.

The home team is depending on you and with these tips you’ll be sure to lead your family to fall sports season victory.

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