Culture Days comes to Kelowna

Come collect a cache of cultural experiences at Kelowna's celebration of culture days

  • Sep. 21, 2012 5:00 a.m.
Do you love Kelowna Culture? Culture Days runs next week with a culture cache event on Saturday

Do you love Kelowna Culture? Culture Days runs next week with a culture cache event on Saturday

You can love New York all you want, but if you want to play in this neck of the woods come the end of September it might be worth simply loving The Big Apple’s cultural ambiance.

Next week, Canadians celebrate the third annual Culture Days.

Running under an “I love culture” theme—in the vein of the famous “I heart New York” promotion—cities across the country will pull out all the stops to help cultural organizations promote what they offer to the public.

Here in Kelowna, the City will be hosting a community geocaching adventure dubbed “culture caching” and a string of events fit to drag anyone and everyone into the Cultural District for some fun.

“We’re trying to set up a mixture of spontaneous and planned events so you can bump into the spontaneous events as you’re working through your planned ideas,” said Caroline Ivey, City of Kelowna culture coordinator.

Stuart Park, for example, will have a mixture of dance sessions ranging from Latin to Ukrainian to Square Dancing. Should a cache wind up in the area, those trying out the treasure hunt teaser might notice the dancing and wish to take that event in as well.

In a traditional sense, caches are treasures found by hikers using a Global Position Systems and are left by other geocachers in an altruistic game that focuses on the hunt, rather than the prize.

In this case, the City of Kelowna will leave caches that are either more traditional or virtual. You might find a prize at a tradition-style cache stop or be asked to log into a website and answer a question about a given site in the Cultural District for the virtual stops.

“It’s like a giant treasure hunt aimed at getting people out to see what’s in the Cultural District,” said Ivey, noting everything included will be family friendly and suitable for all ages.

Culture Days officially runs from Sept. 28-30, but the main events will be Saturday, Sept. 29.

Culture Caching will be available to those using either a GPS or smartphone, but can also be accessed by printing out instructions for those without access to the technology.

The Rotary Arts Centre, Kelowna Museums, Okanagan Regional Library, Kelowna Art Gallery and Kelowna Community Theatre will all have things happening for the promotional exercise, but so too will some organizations outside the downtown cultural hub, such as Ballet Kelowna.

There is a Culture Days website with information on activities. Culture Caching GPS coordinates will released online anytime after Wednesday, Sept. 26.

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