Edwards-Haines: Benefits of eating raw food

I’m in training to be a raw food chef, or as some prefer to call it, a living food chef.

I bet you can’t guess where I am right now.  OK, I’ll give you a hint—think really delectable food and really sharp knives.

If you guessed chef school, you’re absolutely and deliciously right.  But not just any chef school. I’m in training to be a raw food chef, or as some prefer to call it, a living food chef.

Raw food, you ask?  As in rabbit food?

Perish the thought. I wish you could feast your eyes right now on the bounty of mouth-watering offerings we’re serving up in our classes each day.  Gastronomic delights like Asian-style wild rice pilaf (yes, rice), living lasagna, garden pizza, herbed cheese spread, zucchini pasta with cashew dill sauce, apple cinnamon torte with French vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse tart, and the list lengthens with each passing day.

Yes, all of these are raw.

I can most certainly attest that any cooked recipe has an equally delicious raw version.

Why would you want to eat raw, living food?

Well, that’s the really fabulous part about all of this. I could go on for days about the plethora of health and environmental benefits but, in the interest of my 500-word limit for this column, let me just say that the plant kingdom is bursting at the seams with life-enhancing flora that are just begging to share their life-giving properties.

Plant foods are healing to our bodies. There are mounds of research studies that show that most of the diseases we suffer from today can be halted and reversed just by increasing the amount of plant foods we eat every day. And, I’m talking about serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, gastro-intestinal issues, and the like.

The health benefits alone are astounding.

Another reason is for Mother Earth herself

A U.N. study says we all might be compelled to adopt a plant-based diet in coming years due to possible water shortages.

So, for various agricultural reasons, eating more plant-based foods leaves a much smaller carbon footprint on our planet.

Doom and gloom aside, the bottom line is that eating plant-based and, in particular raw, is just plain delicious.

And I aim to prove it to you.

Once I’m back in Kelowna, I’ll be presenting a series of informative health talks, enticing food demos and classes, so keep an eye out for these tasty offerings.

You won’t want to miss all this yummy goodness.

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