Chad Pratch is staging a show with 18 artists

Eighteen artists join forces to stage dynamic art show

Technically speaking, Jeffrey Wong no longer graces the halls of UBC Okanagan.

  • Thu Nov 10th, 2011 7:00pm
  • Life

Technically speaking, Jeffrey Wong no longer graces the halls of UBC Okanagan—or even really the annals of artistic masterpiece that flow from his cohort of classmates and friends.

This hasn’t stopped his colleagues from keeping him in the limelight, though, as the group that brought Chad Pratch (Kelowna Art Gallery: Dysfunctional Chairs), Cory Dixon (Discus(t): conversations on the male body) and Darren Sim (Celebration of International Blasphemy Day) stage an art show in the Mission this month.

“I was thinking of a title for the show and I just thought, well, Jeffrey’s almost like a legend at the university,” said Pratch.

“We do impersonations of him because he’s such an interesting character.

“It’s called The Jeffrey Wong Show because that’s what we used to say him: You’re like a show.”

One look at Wong’s intriguing print, originally shown at the Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, and one can see where there’s merit to staging a show in his name, character or not.

The artist may even make an appearance at the event via Skype from Shenzhen, China where he is currently living.

Yet the real focus of the show will be on the 17 other artists who will turn an empty house on Bonjou Road into a unique public show.

Pratch said he came up with the idea after his parents decided to move.

Seeing the empty space, he thought it might be worth throwing the doors open to let friends and fellow art enthusiasts get a taste of what’s happening in the local arts scene where new and emerging artists don’t always have the funds to see their work explored.

Thus far, Gerard Cadger has started work on an installation in the basement, tethering rags into a room-sized web and paintings from several other artists have begun to collect along the walls.

Pratch will have a painting focused on his dyslexia in the show, and Lance Lindblom will have some humorous paintings poking fun at the obsession with meaning in art.

“He thinks its really humorous when people spend a lot of time with art trying to understand the inner meaning of the work, especially with paintings because they’re just stagnant images and really you could elaborate on anything,” explained Pratch. The work included thus far shows a guy smoking and another one drinking.

The show will include work from Jeffrey Wong, Gerard Cadger, Darren Sim, Kyle Zsombor, Ute Camphausen, Lance Lindblom, Stephen Scott, Gabriela Montaner, Jason Negreiff, Benjamin Goward, Catherine Spencer, Kassy Davis, Rena Warren, Alex Krolak, Cherie Hanson, Nadine Bradshaw and River Lewis.

Billed as an all ages show, it runs Nov. 12, from 6 to 9 p.m., and is free to the public. The show will be held at 644 Bonjou Rd.