Film producers touring Canada to meet filmmakers

CineCoup producers coming to Canadian cities to meet filmmakers.

  • Feb. 10, 2015 6:00 p.m.

Toronto, ON (February 9, 2015) – CineCoup 2015 has opened its intake for Canadian filmmakers looking to get their indie feature financed and released in Cineplex theatres.

Employing the innovative development model that surfaced the hit film Wolfcop, the promising Vancouver studio has listened to fans and creators alike to offer the best experience yet for 2015.

Besides being Canadian and over 18, all that is required to register is a three-person team and a 60-second trailer of the feature concept.  In true accelerator fashion, filmmakers have four weeks to complete their video and upload it to CineCoup’s online platform before the March 8 deadline.

“Today we open our doors to the most fantastic, fun, and f*cked-up ideas that creators across this country have always wanted to make, but felt they couldn’t because it does not align with the perception of what has come to be know as a ‘Canadian film,’” said J. Joly, founder and CEO of CineCoup Media, Inc.

To kick things off in true grassroots style, CineCoup is heading out on a six-city road tour that began in Vancouver on Feb. 9.  Joly will be on hand in every city to answer questions in informal networking sessions designed to bring indie filmmakers together.  Tickets are going fast so snap one up now.

EDMONTON – February 10:

TORONTO – February 11:

MONTREAL – February 12:

HALIFAX – February 13:

REGINA – February 14:


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