Geddes: Ride the FlowMotion wave

First of all, I just want to comment on what a huge success Awesome Okanagan’s Launch Party was last Saturday.

  • Apr. 20, 2011 9:00 a.m.
Flow Motion at H2O in Kelowna May 14 and 15.

Flow Motion at H2O in Kelowna May 14 and 15.

First of all, I just want to comment on what a huge success Awesome Okanagan’s Launch Party was last Saturday. The Laurel Packinghouse was abuzz with energy from start to finish and the amount of support that came from the evening was outstanding.

Awesome Okanagan would like to thank everyone involved in making the night 100 per cent awesome including all the businesses, performers, crew and attendees. The event goes to show that the site is moving on in the right direction and we thank everyone for their support.

A newer business that was involved in the launch party was KBAAD (KBillie Artist and Athlete Development) which is an Okanagan Not-for-Profit society designed to help artists and athletes rise to remarkable heights by creating exciting new opportunities and professional guidance.

One of those exciting new opportunities is coming up in May and is something that is completely unique not only in the Okanagan but in all of Canada.

On May 14 and 15 KBAAD, along with the H2O Centre, present FlowMotion–Canada’s only FlowRider Competition.

For those who haven’t experienced that FlowRider (one of the great amenities at the H2O Centre) it is a wave machine specifically designed to simulate the perfect, never-ending surfing wave. Its submersible pumps generate a thin sheet of water flowing at a speed more than 20 mph over a stationary wave form. The resulting “wave-like” shape permits riders to slide down, carve a turn, and ride up the simulated wave surface.

Any athlete, no matter what the age, gender or skill level, is welcome to FlowMotion and each competitor can sign up into a division that suits their comfort level.

There will be two main categories in the competition—one for technical performances such as tricks (like kick-flips and 360s) and another for freeriders where they can focus on style and carving.

Registration for FlowMotion is only $25 (you can pick up a registration package at the H2O Centre, 4075 Gordon Dr.) and it comes along with some great perks. Not only do you get to be part of the two-day competition but you will also receive a pre-competition training package including an H20 FlowRide Pass to Ride, giving you full access to the H2O water park to hone your skills before the competition as well as unlimited free hot yoga at Kelowna Hot Yoga Studio on Ellis Street. Both free passes are valid from sign up until the weekend of the competition, so there’s some great incentive to sign up early.

Prizes will also be awarded during FlowMotion for first, second, and third place riders in each category.

The competition is free for the public to attend so competitors can make sure to have all their family and friends come down and watch. Remember that this competition is for all skill levels including beginners, so if you’ve never given the FlowRider a shot then now is your time.

KBAAD supports, showcases and encourages “urban culture” within the community by providing spaces, events and programs where youth and young adults are engaged, interacting and inspired. You can be sure that FlowMotion is only the beginning of a series of great events and opportunities presented by KBAAD.

For more information on FlowMotion at the H20 Centre on May 14 and 15, visit

Pyper Geddes is the general manager at Habitat in downtown Kelowna and an A-OK Contributor.


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