Hedley heads to Kelowna to kick off tour

Hedley is gearing up for a two month Canadian tour, which begins in Kelowna on Feb. 10.

Hedley is gearing up for their two month Canadian tour

Hedley is gearing up for their two month Canadian tour

Kelowna probably shouldn’t be the place that Hedley starts their tour.

Lead singer Jacob Hoggard realizes this while recalling a Kelowna memory.

“We played Wakefest there a few years back. We kind of brag about how we are the reason why Wakefest doesn’t happen anymore,” says Hoggard while laughing.

“The year we played, a giant fight broke out in the beer gardens. We were accused of inciting a bit of a riot, but that’s entirely hearsay. We certainly had nothing to do with the outcome of the situation.

“Maybe it’s not the best place to start a tour; it might have been better to end in Kelowna.”

Since the schedule has already been finalized, Hedley will kick off it’s Shipwrecked tour at Prospera Place on Feb. 10.

When asked how he has been gearing up for the next two months on the road, Hoggard lets out more of his sense of humour.

“I drink and I smoke. I just stay out late for the most part: The later the better,” says Hoggard, sarcastically.

“It’s been quite the opposite. I’m exercising every day. I’ve been doing hot yoga every day as well as rehearsing two hours a day and I’ve just been trying to eat really healthy.”

Hoggard notes that he has also been reading motivational books about mountain climbing for inspiration. He compares doing a tour with climbing a mountain.

“In a lot of those situations, those people have to train and build up enough strength to last to the top of the mountain,” said Hoggard.

“You really aren’t exercising when you’re on tour; you’re not building muscle mass or creating more stamina. You’re essentially weathering the storm because it can really sort of wear you down.

“I’m essentially trying to build up enough strength to last the next two months.”

Some might be surprised to hear that physical training is an important part of preparing for an all Canadian tour, but Hoggard suggests that his stage presence makes it quite necessary.

“For me, it is very much a physical performance. It’s a very big stage and I try to cover every square foot of it. We’re doing upwards of 20 to 25 songs in an evening; that takes a lot out of you.”

The tour will feature new songs from the band’s fourth studio album, Storms.

“Storms is such an exciting record for us. I’d say it is our most accurate record to date in terms of really representing where we’re at in our own lives.

“It is a testament to not just where we’ve come, but where we’re at in terms of what it really takes to do something like this and how it can relate to everybody . . . it validates the struggles that everybody goes through in (their) lives.”

The album’s first single, Invincible, gained favour with the band’s fans and radio stations across the country.

“To see the response and to hear our fans really embrace the song was very encouraging and really assisted in building the momentum that we’ve got going right now.”

Hoggard claims those fans are aged eight to 80 and the band is not trying to cater to solely one demographic.

“For as much as our fans might have fallen in love with us for a song that we wrote six years ago, the trick isn’t to emulate that because they’re not looking for that exact same thing anymore either.

“We’ve realized if you try to please everybody, you’re destine to fail. We’re staying true to what we do and staying true to where we’re at.”

Hedley plays at Prospera Place on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available through www.selectyourtickets.com.


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