Helping seniors to live independent lives

Can seniors live a fruitful abundant life in today’s modern society?

Can seniors live a fruitful abundant life in today’s modern society?

That questions will be examined today at an education event hosted by Rexall Drugs, 171 Hollywood Rd in Rutland, 4 to 5 p.m. The guest speaker will be Jo-Ann Keith.

The various challenges that seniors face on a day-to-day basis will be explored, and solutions on how to seniors can live rewarding and healthy lives.

The information presented at the forum will be helpful to both individual seniors and families in transition with an elderly parent or a family member who has disabilities.

“We all need a purpose in our lives, a reason to get up in the morning,” said Keith, owner of Caring For You Support Services.

“In order to live an abundant life a person needs to have something to look forward to such as community activity or relational activity.

“Having balance in our lives is another way to live an abundant life, balance in our home, community and relationships.

“It is most important, however, to be proactive about our health, eating a healthy diet and remaining socially and physically active will affect positive independence.”

Keith is a human service worker who has assisted people with developmental disabilities, mental health care issues and vision impaired.


Keith said she is passionate about helping seniors avoid feelings of isolation and helping seniors stay active both physically and socially.



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