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Little details like tie backs, sprigs of greenery, or a collection of ornaments nestled amongst a pretty bow will look charming.

Front room

Front room

I love this time of year. Hints of Christmas and the holiday season are popping up full force in shops and stores all over the city and the countdown is on for some much needed down time with family, friends and good company.

Old Man Winter brings with him the need to cozy up and settle in this time of year and each December we’re inundated with a mirage of holiday decor and trends to liven up our interiors.

To help simplify the decorating process, I’ve compiled a few of my favourites to share and help make your home as festive, charming and cozy as it can be on chilly winter nights this season…



A throwback to the past is one of the go-to Christmas must haves every holiday season; vintage gems and baubles never seem to really go out of style and can be mixed with modern and transitional decor alike.

Weathered hand stenciled apple crates, Old World wintry signage, tin ornaments, hand crafted paper goods—bringing in some of the old helps to warm and endear the new!



I’ve always loved touches of this organic style in my own home for its simplicity and clean aesthetic. If you’re not into the fussiness of typical commercial holiday decor, you can look instead to nature and warm and inviting textures to cozy up with.

Willow, pinecones, cranberries, bee’s wax candles, wintry boughs, holly, birch wood and cashmere are all delicious, natural elements you can incorporate with the rest of your furniture and decor for a more grounded and earthy approach.


We’ve likely all tried the twinkle-lights-in-a-bowl trick by now, but why not try nestling some battery operated minis into old wine bottles on the mantle, wrap them around birch branches in a corner basket, or bundle them up into large spherical globes of differing scales for a fresh take on some much desired evening shimmer?

And don’t forget the impact a grouping of pillar candles nestled on a tray can make atop your mantles, front foyer tables, or perhaps even to dress up an end of the kitchen island.

Soft and ambient lighting will make your spaces sumptuous and oh-so incredibly inviting!


Your dining room seating, although not commonly thought of as a canvas for holiday decorating, is another element you can add some seasonal touches to.

Little details like tie backs, ribbons, sprigs of greenery, or even a collection of ornaments nestled amongst a pretty bow will look charming and inviting on nights for entertaining around your table.

Simply select an embellishment and decide what garnish you will use to wrap around the upper back portion (or tie from the top rail) of your chairs. Allow ribbon or garland tails to cascade (flare the ends slightly) and finish off with your cluster of ornaments, oversized bauble, or gathering of greenery.


And speaking of dressing up your dining spaces, bunching a number of miniature trees, dipped partially in metallic paint, tucked in tinsel, or even fashioned from oversized pinecones along the length of a console or dining table, then mixing in a few accompanying ornaments, adds a touch of the wintry outdoors to your indoor festivities. It’s so easy and so amazingly chic to do…



Every year a stand-out colour combination seems to take centre stage regarding ornaments, baubles and textiles and this year I have my eye on everything and anything paired in shades of Tiffany blue and crisp gold.

Combine these two lovelies with soft white accents (a gorgeous and feathery white tree comes to mind!) and your homes will be feeling fresh and cheerful for weeks to come.


I have tried this last decorating idea in previous years and it continues to be one of my absolute favourites.

Minimalist and jolly, mixing ornaments of one colour in different textures on a fireplace mantle (or open shelf if you need to improvise) gives any living space an added touch of whimsy and shine and something to charm your guests with the next time they visit.

No need to add any other decor or accent pieces, you can simply nestle these beauties from end-to-end and mix up the sizes of your ornaments to ensure the look is effortless, carefree and most importantly—full of holiday cheer.

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