Hopper: Living life beyond your wildest dreams

Well, you can only imagine how happy Forest was when she started noticing a decrease in her symptoms and a change in her sensory perception.

Forest is planning a trip to Europe this fall.

This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but when you understand where she came from, you will realize that Forest in now living a life that is way beyond her wildest dreams.

It was not that long ago that Forest was living a very constricted and extremely restricted existence.

She was suffering from chronic illness for more than 15 years and was losing hope she would ever be healthy again.

She suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivities and a host of food sensitivities.

She went to see countless specialists and doctors, who were all very well-meaning but unable to help her.

Her children couldn’t understand what happened to their healthy and fun-loving mom. Her friends tried to help but were left feeling helpless as they stood by and watched Forest’s health deteriorating.

As the illness progressed, she became more and more isolated.

Her friends and family could not visit her because of her illness restrictions and she rarely left her home.

On the odd occasion when she did leave home to go to a doctor’s appointment, she had to wear a respirator.

Life became a struggle for survival, which is not uncommon for people who suffer from a brain injuries associated with toxic trauma.

For Forest, it all started Sept 7, 1997 when she was exposed to a lot of toxic chemicals from renovations that were done at her workplace.

On the first day, when Forest returned to the newly renovated office, she and the rest of the staff at her workplace complained about the awful smell and most of them got headaches and fell ill.

On her third day of work, Forest was found lying unconscious outside of the building.

She was rushed to the hospital where they told her that she would quickly recover—comparing it to getting over the flu.

Forest tried to go back to work but was too ill to do so.

Life as she knew it was over.

She lived the next 15 years in a state of survival.

After enduring so much suffering and having been to countless doctors to no avail, Forest was sceptical that anything could help her.

However, she heard that some people were recovering through a neuroplasticity-based program that is focused on rewiring brain circuits responsible for protective and survival mechanisms.

It made complete sense to Forest that her brain was not filtering sensory stimuli appropriately and that she was stuck in a fight or flight state.

So she decided to take a gamble and took the program.

To this day she will tell you it’s the best decision she made in her life.

Well, you can only imagine how happy Forest was when she started noticing a decrease in her symptoms and a change in her sensory perception – it almost seemed like a miracle.

And her recovery couldn’t have happened at a better time. Forest is now a very proud, happy and healthy grandmother to an adorable baby girl.

She truly is living a life way beyond her wildest dreams!

If someone you love is suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, extensive food sensitivities or chronic pain, you will want to let them know about Forest and about an upcoming five-day limbic system rehabilitation program from Sept 26 to 30 in Kelowna.

For more information visit www.dnrsytem.com.

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