Kaeshammer happiest at keyboard

Award winning Canadian musician Michael Kaeshammer recently released his third album with Alert Music (Universal Music Canada), titled KAESHAMMER.

In support of the release, Kaeshammer is touring one of the biggest shows of his career, which had its opening April 30 at Toronto’s legendary Massey Hall.

He’ll be at Creekside Theatre in Lake County at 7:30 May 19.

Kaeshammer’s latest album is a high-energy pop-fuelled jazz record by one of Canada’s most promising artists. The album features contributions by R&B/soul songstress Divine Brown on the track Heartbeat and Canadian chanteuse Jill Barber on the ballad Shalimar Wind.

Recorded at Toronto’s Drive Shed and Keen Studios throughout the summer and autumn of 2010, Kaeshammer blends the sounds of soul, jazz, R&B and pop that fans have come to expect from this piano prodigy.

The songwriting process for the album started last spring, working with Grammy Award winning and nominated songwriters in Nashville writing new material like Shalimar Wind and Kisses in Zanzibar which inspired him to return and finish the process in a way that allows for some of his most memorable material to date. Material that comes across with the same fire and integrity live as it does on record.

Songs like Rendezvous, Tightrope and the intensely evocative take on Curtis Mayfield’s People Get Ready set the tone of the album and exemplify Kaeshammer’s incredible arrangement and prodigious piano skills.

However, it is other standout tracks, including A Little Bit Of Love and The You-And-Me that truly showcase this fine musician as one of Canada’s most compelling young singer-songwriters.

Kaeshammer, the recording, is exactly what the artist is; uniquely engaging and completely original.

Given the opportunity to experience Kaeshammer’s live performance, fans and newcomers are never, ever disappointed. On stage he is a man who truly adores every moment of performing.

Along with his palpable energy, it is Kaeshammer’s charm and charisma that mesmerize each and every crowd for whom he performs.

“For me the performance is as much about the energy coming off the stage as the energy coming from the audience. It’s about being true to myself, living in the moment, playing from the heart and hopefully showing my love for life.

“That’s what I’m all about,” he says. “After the show, people ask me, ‘do you really have that much fun?’ And I say ‘you don’t know the half of it. It’s even more exhilarating than it looks’.”

For tickets to the May 19 Creekside show call 250-766-9309 or visit www.creeksidetheatre.com.


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