Kittle: Advice for a better posture

Improved posture can help you look and feel better, and this improvement is possible regardless of your current habits.

While you may not think about it much, posture is a very important issue. Improved posture can help you look and feel better, and this improvement is possible regardless of your current habits.

Consider taking up some or all of the following eight tips outlined below to improve your posture.

Become aware the best way to obtain better posture is to become aware of the posture that you have now.

Do you tend to slouch while writing? Lean forward while at the computer?

Find a cue that happens often, such as a phone ringing or a door closing, and check your posture each time that cue occurs—then correct yourself.

Tone muscles exercise and muscle tone actually enhance posture. Often, slouching occurs due to weak muscles.

Position your head once you have begun exercising and reminding yourself of your daily posture, start noticing the position of your head. Many people walk with heads jutted forward, causing undue strain on the neck muscles.

Instead, make sure that it is placed squarely atop your neck. You may feel taller after this exercise.  Once used to it, your overall appearance will benefit.

Position your shoulders. The shoulders often slouch backwards, giving the body a concave look. For better posture, make sure that your shoulders are upright and that your back is arched in toward the front. My friend suggests acting as though your hands are tucked into your back pockets. This will make you look taller and more confident.

Notice your knees. Many people walk stiffly, due to the fact that their knees are not properly supporting their body. Take a minute to notice your knees, and how they relate to the rest of your leg. Are they stiff as you walk? What happens when you sit down? Ideally, your knees should support you and your legs while you stand, sit and walk.

Relax your arms. While trying to implement all of these postural improvements, don’t lock your arms. There is a tendency to lock the arms when concentrating on another part of the body. Leave your arms relaxed and loose while walking, allowing them to dangle and move.

Remain active. Poor posture is often the result of sitting, standing or walking excessively all day. To maintain better posture, try and have a healthy amount of standing, walking, sitting and lying down in each day.

Relax. Try to relax even while under important deadlines and meetings, and notice how much better you feel during pressured moments. Careful integration of this last tip into your daily life will make all of the other tips seem easier.

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