Letter: Push, shove needs whole story told

Mr. Trudeau has shown his grade school [teacher] training to be an asset.

  • Mon Jun 13th, 2016 12:00pm
  • Life

To the editor:

Re: Gertrude Sawatzky’s letter to editor of the Capital News, June 10, Trudeau Unmasked with Push, Shove.

It appears Ms. Sawatzky’s behaviour in her letter mimics those of the parliamentarians that Trudeau was addressing, as she makes a point to not address their behaviour in the video clip but to only chastise Mr. Trudeau for his intervention as clearly was required.

So to include all pertinent details of the circumstance, it shows politicians behaving like children in grade school using their bodies to block a colleague from passing because they did not agree with a parliamentary decision by the PM.

How childish! I applaud Mr. Trudeau for taking appropriate disciplinary action by intervening in the situation. How is it that the letter writer adamantly criticizes the PM’s behaviour but conveniently omits the behaviours that led to his actions as the media seems also to have done?

To reflect integrity in her scathing criticism of behaviours in Parliament, it should at least include the whole story not just the one-sided behaviour Ms. Sawatzky has chosen to vehemently berate, and to which I applaud.

Mr. Trudeau has shown his grade school [teacher] training to be an asset.

D. Samson, West Kelowna