Marteny: Group prevents identity theft

The Kelowna Crime Prevention Association is a non-profit organization that fosters the concept of a safer community.

The Kelowna Crime Prevention Association is a registered non-profit charitable volunteer organization established in 2003 to foster and support the concept of a safer community through public awareness and education, as well as supporting programs and initiatives of community based policing and crime prevention.

The association embraces the notion that an informed, active and engaged community is a more crime resistant community, and strives to provide leadership, expertise, and funding to support initiatives that enhance the safety and well being of our community.

One of the core functions of the KCPA is to work  with the RCMP to address community safety and education by funding crucial equipment and supplies to volunteer-operated community policing programs.

The RCMP operates several volunteer-driven safety initiatives in the Central Okanagan. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Colleen Cornock, RCMP community policing co-ordinator at 250-764-5004.  Some of those initiatives include Citizens’ Patrol, Speed Watch, Child Identification, Seniors’ Contact and the community policing offices

Citizens’ Patrol volunteers patrol designated areas observing, recording and reporting suspected criminal activity. The Speed Watch program monitors speeding using portable radar equipment and an electronic sign for instant feedback to drivers. Child Identification is a program made available to parents/guardians who wish to have a way of uniquely identifying their young children.   The Seniors’ Contact Program is for anyone who is living alone and does not have a regular caregiver, friend or relative checking in on them on a daily basis.

The Kelowna Crime Prevention Association actively pursues community partnerships, grants, and fund-raising opportunities to secure the necessary financial means to fulfill its mandate in fostering safe homes, safe streets and safe communities.

In November, the association will hold two fundraising events. The first is called the Identity Theft Prevention—Document Shredding on Saturday, Nov. 5, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Crown Packaging parking lot, 2092 Enterprise Way. This is to help you protect yourself from identity theft by professionally destroying your outdated bank statements, credit card statements, cancelled cheques and other documents with sensitive personal information. There will be professional shredding done immediately and on site by Okanagan Paper Shredding Inc., three banker boxes for a minimum donation of $5.

The second event is the Smart Card Defender Sleeves sale Nov. 25 and 26 at the Capri Centre Food Court. These sleeves protect your personal information by providing a shielded barrier against portable scanners that can steal your personal identity from credit, debit and identification cards that have chips and magnetic strips. Three sleeves will be sold for $10.

Sharen Marteny is a services consultant for seniors in Kelowna.


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