MOGER: Time for seniors to fall into a fitness routine

Columnist Bobbi Moger says change of season ideal moment to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and diet.

  • Oct. 21, 2014 2:00 p.m.

With the longer, darker evenings, and dropping temperatures it’s a sure sign that summer is over and fall is here.

With the changing of the season comes a time to rethink and restart your health and fitness routine.

Fall is the perfect time to get active and start a regular fitness routine to keep fit and healthy through the holidays and upcoming winter months of colds and flu. The cooler weather in autumn naturally draws people outside for exercise.

It is finally cool and comfortable enough to get outdoors and there are many easy ways to get your fall exercise.

Here are some outdoor ideas for exercising in the fall:

Walking and Hiking

Walking doesn’t cost you anything, and it is something you can do at anytime and anywhere!

• Try incorporating a walk at your  lunchtime break

• Park further away in the parking lot

• Take your dog for a walk

• Meet your neighbours or friends for a stroll in the park

• Check out new walking trails, hiking and nature paths in your city

Gardening and Picking Fruit

• From weeding, to raking, and cleaning up your garden beds, gardening you will give you a good workout as you work all of your major muscle groups!

• Go to a u-pick orchard and between the walking around the orchard, climbing and reaching you will get a good upper and lower body workout

Lawn bowling, Bocce and other outdoor games

• Invite friends and neighbours for a picnic and games in the park


• Find safe biking trails and make it a family activity and bike with the grandkids

• Turn your bike ride into an outing for a day and carry along a picnic

Volunteer Work

• Offer to gather and bag leaves for an elderly relative, friend or neighbour

• Join in or start up a community clean-up campaign at the local park, sidewalks or streets

• Organize or volunteer to join in on an autumn run to raise contributions for a local charity

Perhaps your preference is not outdoor exercise? Check out your local recreation centre for activities and group fitness classes including low impact aerobics, carpet bowling, and warm water exercise programs.

Don’t forget overall health and fitness includes exercise and healthy eating.

Bobbi Moger is a seniors’ ftness specialist.


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