Morgan: Winds of change result in making career move

Home hunters to get back on the phone with their real estate agent, start to compile a list of homes to view before the snow comes.

I have noticed that activity in the Central Okanagan real estate market has picked up in the last two weeks.

The phones are starting to ring again.

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the children are back into the school routine and parents can now focus more on their house hunting search.

As the weather has been dreary this last week in the Central Okanagan, it has become encouraging for home hunters to get back on the phone with their real estate agent and start compiling a list of homes to view before the snow comes, for history has shown the slower  real estate sales year is during the winter months.

When the slowdown hits,  the ‘down time’ offers an opportunity for real estate agents and their assistants  to focus on marketing or restructuring to gear up for next spring.

For some of my avid readers of Real Estate Rundown, you might be aware that I currently work with a dynamic duo at Re/Max Kelowna.

I have been with Jennifer Black and Tim Stanfield for three years now and as with everything in life, change is necessary to keep things fresh.

I have decided to make a career move and join up with another outstanding ReMax realtor, Mark Ranger.

As much as I’m going to miss working along side Jennifer and Tim, I am excited and looking forward to the move.

Ranger is a fun and vibrant real estate agent who is looking to expand his business by bringing me on board.

Change is good, but it can be challenging. I have always said that the only way you know you are truly growing and developing yourself is when you force yourself out of your comfort zone and into something unknown.

It is at that moment of uncertainty your true colours show and your strengths shine through.

Buying a new home or selling, changing jobs or moving towns can all be a challenging adjustment, so surround yourself with outstanding and supportive colleagues, friends and family and never doubt any decision you’ve made or will make.


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