Okanagan Film Festival show times Thursday to Sunday

The Okanagan Film Festival Society proudly presents the 14th annual Okanagan Film Festival renamed this year as OFF.

The Okanagan Film Festival Society proudly presents the 14th annual Okanagan Film Festival renamed this year as OFF. It runs at the Paramount Theatre on Bernard Avenue in Kelowna from Sept. 22 to 25 with 40 films, Q&A sessions and a special music session.

Under a new board of directors, this year’s festival had over 250 film submissions from local and international directors. Everything from short films, music videos, documentaries and feature films will be showcased. Below, see the OFF 2011 film selection and show times.

An Opening Gala will be held on Sept. 22 at 7 pm at the Paramount Theatre.

The Gala concludes at Avenue Bar. Tickets for the public are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

The directors in attendance for this year’s festival are Gokce Erdem, Cat Youell, Josh Hinkson, Christopher Fisher, Chris Heffeman, Ashlyn Anstee, Gigi Saul Guerro, Brad Crowe, Kevin Gant, Ben Disinger, Bryan Storkel and possibly Michael Rymer. There will also be actors from several of the films in attendance as well.

OFF is very grateful to its sponsors—The Knowledge Network, Landmark Cinemas of Canada, Q103.1/Power 104, Castanet, The Lindon House B&B, Avenue Bar, Alaska Airlines, The Prestige, Tree Beer, Asphalt, Fernando’s/Sturgeon Hall and Badgemakers all of whom have helped to allow for the festival to run this year.



SIX SHORT FILMS SHOWCASE #1 – Sept. 23 @ 6 PM 1. Modest Luxury (Canada) – Directed by Gokce Erdem 2. The Mischievous Case of Cordelia Botkin (USA) – Directed by Cat Youell 3. Sumu (Kenya) – Directed by Paul Plett 4. Empty Spaces (Canada) – Directed by David Roncin 5. Washed in Blue (Canada) – Directed by Thomas Fennario 6. After-°©‐School Special (USA) – Directed by Jacob Chase


SIX SHORT FILMS SHOWCASE #2 – Sept. 24 @ 5 PM 7. Tempo (Canada) – Directed by Christopher Fisher & Chris Heffeman 8. A Land That Forgets (Canada) – Directed by Kathleen Hepburn 9. Not Worth A Bullet (Germany) – Directed by Markus F. Adrian 10. Home (Albania) – Directed by Kast Hasa 11. Prayers for Peace (USA) – Directed by Dustin Grella 12.Wrigley and King (USA) – Directed by Cornelius Murphy


DARK & COMIC SHORT FILM SHOWCASE – Sept. 24 @ 11 PM 13. The Eater (USA) – Directed by Wally Chung 14. How to Get the Girl (Canada) – Directed by Ashlyn Anstee 15. Hop the Twig (Canada) – Directed by Kyle Rideout 16. Death Wish (Canada) – Directed by Chad Costen 17. Next Door Nightmare (Canada) – Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero 18. Dogf*ckers (USA) – Directed by Ashley Coffield 19. Potter’s Field (USA) – Directed by Brad Crowe 20. The Goose (USA) – Directed by Craig Knowles


MUSIC SESSION – Sept. 24 & 7 PM 1. Faultlines (Canada) Performed by Kill Matilda – Directed by Nathan Skillen 2. Candid (Germany) Performed by New and For Sale – Directed by Andreas Janzen 3. Fictional Affection (Canada) Performed by The Damn Truth – Directed by Anna Sikorski 4. Liberty (USA) – Directed by Ben Disinger


SHORT DOCUMENTARIES 1. Kevin (USA) – Directed by Jay Duplass with Special LIVE Music Session from “Kevin” star Kevin Gant Sept. 24 @ 7 PM 2. Challenging Impossibility (USA) – Directed by Sanjay Rawal & Natabara Mark Rollosson Sept. 24 @ 3 PM 3. Arctic Spleen (Italy) – Directed by Piergiorgio Casotti Sept. 25 & 2 PM


FEATURE DOCUMENTARIES 1. Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians (USA) – Directed by Bryan Storkel Sept. 22 @ 9 PM 2. Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (USA) – Directed by Christopher Metzler & Lev Anderson Sept. 23 @ 4 PM 3. Wild Horses & Renegades (USA) – Directed by James Anaquad Kleinert Sept. 23 @ 8 PM 4. Beatboxing: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop (USA) – Directed by Klaus Schneyder Sept. 24 @ 3 PM 5. The Conquest of High Passes (Netherlands) – Directed by Wout Conjin Sept. 25 @ 2 PM


FEATURE FILMS 1. A Beginner’s Guide to Endings (USA) -°©‐ Directed by Jonathan Sobol Sept. 22 @ 11 PM 2. Face to Face (Australia) – Directed by Michael Rymer Sept. 23 @ 10 PM 3. The Woman (USA) – Directed by Lucky McKee Sept. 23 @ MIDNIGHT 4. Pressed (Canada) – Directed by Justin Donnelly Sept. 24 @ 9 PM 5. The Bigfoot Election (USA) – Directed by Ryan Turri Sept. 25 @ 4 PM


For more information email Ashley Kruger, OFF event coordinator at ashley.anne.kruger@gmail.com by Tuesday, Sept. 19.


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