Passionate learners wanted as study group leaders

The home of lifelong learning—that best describes SLR, Society for Learning in Retirement.

The home of lifelong learning—that best describes SLR, Society for Learning in Retirement.

The group’s purpose is to meet the educational needs of older learners. To that end they offer a wide range of interesting daytime courses, field trips and lectures.

Volunteer study group leaders are particularly sought as the life-blood of the organization. It’s a fun place to be, learn, share interests and make friends.

This unique organization was created and exists today after 18 years of success because of the volunteer efforts of everyone involved, from study group leaders to the volunteer board of directors to those who give of their time in the numerous ways needed to maintain the organization they love.

A total of 15 dedicated folks serve on the board of directors. Anywhere from 35 to 45 people offer courses as study group leaders in each of three terms.

The distinction between a study group leader and a teacher is important. Teachers are looked upon as the experts in the class room. A study group leader facilitates peer learning. In the peer learning model everyone is a teacher and all learn from one another.

A study group leader need not be an expert, just interested in exploring a subject. That’s the beauty of peer learning. Learning is explored together.

Members are encouraged to research their area of interest in the subject and give a short presentation but presentations are entirely voluntary.

Please contact program director Ilse Erwig at for study group leader information.

For information about membership, contact registrar Ron Lyric, or office manager Linda Grant, at 250-448-1203. Visit the website at


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